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Animalistic prints Pearls outside the age Mix & Match Original design Shades of precious stones In all the splendor Kabarovsky 11-189-1989 5 220 p Kabarovsky 11-190-6489 5 300 p Kabarovsky 14-155-0901 30 970 p Eijism is not in fashion! Age is only numbers.

You can wear “adults” tweed costumes at 15 and braid pigtails in 60.

Your life is your rules, and no one can blame you for dressing “too young”.

We tell you how to emphasize your personality at any age.

Animalistic prints In the photo: EXCLAM Earrings Exclaim 042BR311E 3 810 p Patterns from the world of wild animals imitating the color of the leopard, zebra, tiger, snakes, often even confuse the young fashionistas.

The print seems to them too bright m aggressive, however, to “tame” it in the power of a beauty of any age.

The main thing is to choose the right jewelry and accessories! First, choose accent, but not overloaded models.

Let it be only one thing: either massive earrings, or a necklace, or a bright clutch.

Secondly, give preference to natural materials-wood, semiprecious and crafts, skin.

Thirdly, pay attention to jewelry in the style of boho without complicated decor.

The noble brilliance of metal perfectly complements any, even the most exotic print.

Pearls outside the age In the photo: De Fleur necklace, Den’o ring DEN’O 01R2464MS 8 460 p De Fleur 034553S1D7 15 340 p Jewelry with pearls is one of the main jewelry trends of the new season.

Those who are not afraid of experiments and want to experience all fashion trends on themselves, short necklaces from small deformed pearls or complex mono -series with a large baroque pearl of a fantasy form will suit themselves.

Want to emphasize elegance and femininity? Stop your choice on a classic necklace of spherical pearls or on a long sowar, which can be twice around the neck.

We focus on the legendary style of Coco Chanel, which did not part with a thread of pearls, complementing a tweed suit with a skirt below the knee.

Mix & Match In the photo: Exclaim earrings, a necklace and a wide Den’o ring, Sokolov ring, Marcasite bracelet, Exclaim Social DEN’O 01N492GR 22 830 p Exclaim 042BRD3115E 3 560 p Sokolov 92011891_S 2 080 p Do not be afraid to combine different styles and accessories in one image.

Earrings and necklaces, bracelets and rings – the more, the better.

The only rule: select one accent decoration and add others to it, focusing on the shape and color of the inserts.

The shade of metal can be different: today it is fashionable to combine silver with gold.

At the age of age, semiprecious stones, for example, grenades, look luxurious.

A rich, deep color plays many shades from black to crimson-ogi.

Experiment with jewelry inserts and boldly mix jewelry with different stones.

Original design In the photo: Markazit bracelet, Baltic gold earrings, Darvin bracelet, Sokolov ring, Kabarovsky ring Darvin 526382003aa 13 780 p Baltic gold 72751067-bz 4 370 p Sokolov 83010063_S 2 440 p It is believed that asceticism and minimalism are “young” with an image.

This is partly so.

Laconic accessories really “highlight” the outfit, without blurring it with numerous details.

On the other hand, jewelry with an original and bright design demonstrates your relaxation and self -confidence.

And therefore, why not demonstrate your artistic taste! Choose wide bracelets with unusual weaving and large jewelry inserts.

Or non -standard earrings in the form of abstract compositions.

In this outfit, you may well be mistaken for an artist or actress.

At least a creative nature is felt from afar! Shades of precious stones In the photo: Darvin beads, Markazit earrings, Kabarovsky ring Kabarovsky 11-127-6601 1 820 p Darvin 425041436CE 10 370 p Saturated, deep shades of precious stones – ruby, sapphire, emerald – always look expensive and incredibly elegant.

In addition, try to choose noble fabrics: velvet, silk, taffeta.

Perfect combination! In this case, we better recommend that you look at the jewelry of contrasting shades, the brighter they will shade the outfit, the better.

Classic combinations: red + blue, green + yellow, black + white.

Do not be afraid to combine several bright colors in one outfit, believe me, spring is the best time for such impudent experiments! In all the splendor In the photo: a bracelet with chrysoprase and the “Marcasite” ring, the rings with Onyx and the Kabarovsky bracelet, a large ring with Sokolov fianites, silver ring “jewelry tradition” Kabarovsky 14-155-0901 30 970 p Sokolov 93010813_S 3 690 p Marcasitis HR932-HRIZOPRAZ-MR 4 770 p Crystals, rhinestones, stones – let your image shine and sparkle! Do not be embarrassed by deliberate brilliance, especially if it comes to evening and cocktail outfits.

Put several rings with multi -colored stones at once, add bracelets to them and – forward – sparkle and have fun! I want to hit everyone around? Then put on a brilliant dress, do evening makeup and conquer everyone around! Believe me, you will become the main star of any party, and age .



Age is just numbers! March 9, 2021

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