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AX2103 & AX2104 Lola.

AX5535 & Lady Banks.

AX4331 Hampton Chrono.

AX2164 Outer Banks.

AX1326 Giacomo.

AX2853 There is hardly a brand with the ability to read thoughts and read the mood of an entire generation as subtly as Armani Exchange does.

Its main inspiration is marked by a special worldview and pursued by a constant search for the depth of sensations of youth in all its manifestations: from daring, not constrained by the rules, behavior to nothing incomparable freedom in the expression of thoughts and views.

Armani Exchange is outside the usual formats, while continuing to meet the highest quality standards and use innovative materials in their products.

We present to your attention several interesting offers of the brand, which cannot be responding with a refusal.


AX2103 & AX2104 Armani Exchange AX2103 22 790 p Armani Exchange AX2104 24 990 p Pretty bold embodiment of the aesthetics of modern times.

In addition to the powerful technical potential and a durable quartz mechanism that is beating inside the steel case, the clock has a subtle sense of style, embodied in a combination of easily readable classical elements (for example, arrows that are in the 60s in the 60s) and the relevant for the present, increased functionality.

At the disposal of the watch, impressive performance and necessary determination in order to control every minute.


AX5535 & Lady Banks.

AX4331 Armani Exchange AX4331 28 290 p Armani Exchange AX5535 20 590 p AX5535 – author’s reading and skillful use of aesthetics of expressive minimalism.

Particularly individuality is added by the use of cold shades of liquid silver, which completely fill both the laconic dial and the bracelet of the Milan weaving.

The clock corresponds to almost any style preferences, and also easily cope with the functional tasks of any complexity.

It is difficult to imagine a more reliable companion for everyday use.

The second model, AX4331, is characterized by feminine proportions and a bright accent on expressive details.

Particular attention deserves an aesthetic combination of shades of precious metal with a pearl dial and restrained radiance of crystals.

In this creation of Italian clock art, the balance of style and a rather diverse functionality found its display, which allows the clock not to lose its relevance for a long time.

The model will be an ideal solution for a long -term investment and, we are sure, will not disappoint even the most demanding owner.

Hampton Chrono.

AX2164 Armani Exchange AX2164 28 290 p Always the right decision to combine a powerful technical with a restrained design deprived of excessive details.

The model has the desire for increased practicality and maximum possible functionality.

The quartz mechanism and two independent measuring systems are responsible for the accuracy of time counting, for strength – a stainless steel body that is not amenable to aging and temporary changes.

The clock is perfectly adapted to the crazy rhythms of our time and will become an excellent tool in the hands of those who do not even allow thoughts about boring, gray everyday life.

Outer Banks.

AX1326 Armani Exchange AX1326 17 290 p A model that gravitates to concentrated minimalism, in addition to a spectacular appearance with notes of modern elegance, also has amazing functionality.

At her disposal, a very accurate and shock -resistant quartz mechanism, reliably protected by mineral glass.

A chronomer with a stopwatch will suit those who appreciate every second of their time and do not lose a minute for nothing! Definitely, they cost not only your attention, but also adding desires to the list! Giacomo.

AX2853 Armani Exchange AX2853 25 990 p

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