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Clock and cigars – what is common between them? If you judge directly, then nothing! With the exception that both both people are created by qualified and talented people.

We mean, of course, really good cigars and watches.

And if you dig deeper, then there is very much in common.

Really good hours is not only needed not only to find out time! Such watches are delighted to the heart, a true work of art.

Here are really good cigars-they are also not to satisfy the physiological need for inhalation of smoke with nicotine and other chemistry.

No, they are also delighted, also a work of art! And not surprising in frequent collaborations of watches and cigars.

We will talk about some of them.

You need to start, of course, with the Cuervo Y Sobrinos watch company.

The birthplace of the brand is Havana, the capital of Cuba, for which cigars are almost the main symbol! Well, of course, not only cigars: but, for example, the image of the legendary commandant Fidel is indifferent to both the Havana cigar and the pair of “Rlexi” on the wrist .



In 1862, Don Ramon Fernandez-i-Kuervo, by origin of the Spaniard, He opened a small jewelry store in Havana, on the fashionable fifth Aenid.

The business turned out to be successful, because Havana of the 19th century was a large city, one of the cultural centers of the entire Western hemisphere.

And besides, it grew violently.

The Cuervo case grew along with this beautiful city, the expansion required new investments, new partners.

These were the relatives of Don Ramon.

They were generally called nephews, in Spanish-Sobrinos.

And in 1882, Cuervo Y Sobrinos was registered.

This year is considered the year of the foundation of the company.

Everything went well, the demand for jewelry grew up and in Havana, where all new Cuervo Y Sobrinos stores opened, and outside the cube – even in Europe, where in 1920 the company established branches in Paris and in German Pifordhaim.

And in 1928, a significant event took place: in the Swiss La-sh-de-Fon, one of the world capitals of watch art, the first hourly factory of Cuervo Y Sobrinos appeared.

However, jewelry and Havana remained the main time for some time.

The bright memories of the local salons of Cuervo Y Sobrinos were left by Albert Einstein, Ernest Hemingway, Winston Churchill, Enrique Caruso, Clark Gable and many others.

All of them noted the unique spirit of Havana, fully reflected in the atmosphere of the brand, the spirit of external relaxation (the so -called “slow time” – Tempo Lento) and the internal energy of an incredible intensity.

After all, this manifests itself in everything – in nature, and in music, and in tobacco aromas, and in the splendor of gold and stones .



Cuervo Y Sobrinos perfectly survived the Spanish-American War of the early twentieth century, and both world, but the Cuban revolution inflicted an almost deadly blow to the brand.

The sales markets were lost, production stopped, and only sophisticated collectors continued to chase the few surviving rarities – the historical clock of Cuervo Y Sobrinos.

But in 1997, the enterprising Italian businessmen Luke Muzumeki and Mazio Villa revived the brand, first creating several dealerships, and then a full -fledged hourly factory – in Switzerland, on the shores of Lake Lugano, in the exceptional beauty of the place of Kapoli.

It is characteristic that the factory building is built in a specific Caribbean style.

Yes, swiss make, but native to Havana! By the way, the connection of the brand with the historical homeland is now completely restored: in 2009, the brand and its museum were opened in Havana.

And not only this is the mentioned connection: designers Cuervo Y Sobrinos continue to invest in their creations that very spirit of Tempo Lento in combination with boiling energy.

Yes, and almost all the inscriptions on the watch Cuervo Y Sobrinos are made in Spanish.

Finally, the connection with the world of cigars – it has become truly organic! Not only does Cuervo Y Sobrinos cooperate with such cigar brands as Partagas, Arturo Fuente, Montecristo, and is an official chronometrist of world smoking cigar championships.

Moreover, every copy of the watch Cuervo Y Sobrinos is packaged in a real Humidor! Very strict requirements are imposed on these boxes for storing cigars, and Humidors Cuervo Y Sobrinos fully comply with them: cigars in them will not lose qualities.

Now the Cuervo Y Sobrinos watches are available in seven collections: Historiador (Historian), Vuelo (Flight), Prominente (Prominent), Robusto (Strong), Pirata (Pirate), Esplendidos (Great) and Señora (Senora, this is a female watch).

All of them, no doubt, belong to the Lux class.

The assortment of the company also has Humidora, souvenir rollers and notebooks.

Cuervo Y Sobrinos: Cuervo Y Sobrinos 3142.

1i 391 570 p Cuervo Y Sobrinos 3194.

1BS 540 190 p Cuervo Y Sobrinos 3205.

1k 334 270 p To illustrate the “tandem” clock/cigars, we show the Cuervo Y Sobrinos Historiador TraadiSion (Ref.



c), released by the 135th anniversary of the brand 882 copies.

A 40-mm steel three-shooter in a vintage style, and typically Latin American, with a lattice engraving Frappage on the dial, is equipped with an automatic mechanism of CYS 5102, decorated with symbols of the brand and is made in a main “tobacco” color.

In 2017, this model, along with several more, took part in the world premiere of the new Montecristo 1935 cigar line held in Madrid.

Other Swiss watch brands included in the “Higher League” Haute Horlogerie also turn to the cigar theme.

So, in the Zenith brand catalog, a noticeable place is occupied by the fruits of partnership with the Cuban company Habanos.

Among them are the initiations of the Cohiba, Cohiba-Maduro, Trinidad line, and we will especially note the “duet” of the Romeo Y Julieta Elite MoonPhase: 40.

5 mm Romeo in blue and 36-mm Juliet in red and with diamonds.

Both models are equipped with the phases of the moon in both hemispheres.

Another hourly company from the LVMH group, namely Hublot, does not lag behind.

Since 2012, this brand on an ongoing basis collaborates with Arturo Fuente – an elite manufacturer of cigars, originally Cuban, and now Dominican.

The first result of the collaboration was the Classic Fusion Fuente Opus X model, released in several limited versions, including virtuoso decorated with a pattern in the form of tobacco leaves.

It was followed by several more dedications to the cigar brand, and in addition, Hublot is actively involved in the work of the Fuente family charity foundation.

The Panerai hour brand regularly participates in the Cigar World Tour.

Within the framework of this round, the Tourbillons & Cigars event was very successful, held in the Churchill Club of the Four Seasons Elite Hotel in Dubai.

The tasting of cigars is accompanied here by the presentation of hourly innovations and jazz music.

We will complete the review by several masterpieces of the legendary Jaeger-Lecultre watch, generated by its collaboration with an equally glorified Dunhill tobacco brand.

The rectangular Dunhill Facet and round Dunhill Classic were released, each, in pink and white gold options.

Dunhill Facet operates on the automatic mechanism of JLC Caliber 822, Dunhill Classic-on JLC Caliber 896.

And the most exotic (and most expensive) partnership sample should be considered the JaEger-LECOULTRE Atmos CLOCK for Dunhill, which are brought into action due to the minimum surveillance of temperatures.

This know-how belongs to a clockwork, and the design of these watches is tobacco.

He reproduces the style of cult lighters and cigarette trunks of Dunhill of the 1930s.

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