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Swarovski represent the second large-scale collection of authorship of Giovanna Battalia-Engelbert.

The Collection II feels the influence of the Austrian heritage of the brand: Vienna, the work of Gustav Klimt and the image of his close girlfriend and muse Emilia Louise Flege.

Not without a look at the future! The new collection for the first time included hours, glasses and even hair accessories, reflecting the updated brand concept.

Answering Vogue magazine to the question of inspiration, Giovanni noted: “Why is the second collection dedicated to Klimt? In New York, I lived near the “New Gallery” Ronald Lauder, where I first saw Klimt’s canvases and fell in love unconditionally.

I decided to follow this path, because he is close to me as an artist.

It embodies a lot of what I want to see in the aesthetics of Swarovski.

We could build on the works of many other artists, but Klimt inspired the most.

” Swarovski jewelry: Swarovski 5598358 5 650 p Swarovski 5609723 20 500 p Swarovski 5610290 15 500 p

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