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Street musicians created their own image.

The rapper Soulja Boy in one of his songs called him “Swag”.

The main thing about SVEG – it should be spectacular and for show.

The rappers are not used to being shy: we put on a men’s fur coat of colored fur, a gold braid and a baseball cap in the rhinestones and complement with an obligatory chain with a personalized medallion and a dozen large rings! The style of Jay-Z and Kanye West has long stepped from the streets to the podium.

Seasonal collections of Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Miu Miu and other fashion houses are built around the images of street culture.

The trend is sports pants and bombers, in which races-battles, sweatshirts and bright shirts with large inscriptions-frosts, baggy trousers with low waist, sneakers on a high platform and bags-banana, which can be worn both on the belt and on the belt, and On the chest.

Rapers love spectacular accessories: massive gold chains, large medallions resembling orders, powerful rings and a lot of piercing.

Swag -style jewelry shines with gloss and shimmers with rhinestones.

Previously, they were made to order or bought from fashionable youth brands like Americans GLD.

In a couple of years, this brand from the garage startup of two friends turned into a trendsetter of the industry.

The jewelry of these guys from Miami can now be seen not only in R’N B-clips, but also on the red carpet.

The creators of the brand (they themselves perform rap and know many from the parties) they say that they began to make jewelry in the SVEG style after they desperate to find something similar in the market.

“Either the Chinese vulgarity, or very expensive decorations to order,” they say.

“And nothing to really like it.

” But in 2021, SVEG is not only among subcultures in fashion.

Large jewelry brands, including historical brands, also often began to use catchy motifs of street kitch.

Bright, colorful, total unrestrained things appeared even in the collections of high jewelry and hours of the Limited Edition format.

For example, a luxury Swiss clock brand Jacob & Co, which has always experimented with style, released several models with skulls strewn with diamonds.

And they instantly sparkled on the wrists of the most popular rappers.

The main jewelry R’N B-trend is chains with large medallions (such modern orders).

The suspension can be strewn with rhinestones or decorated with the initials of the owner (in general, any customization is welcome).

It must be in sight.

In the spring – perfect with a bomber.

In the heat – with a bright t -shirt and a baseball cap.

Ciclon Man810 4 940 p Wanna? Be! P079-03 18 670 p Special offer SN305 6 400 p Do not forget the large rings.

They can be worn at once on a few fingers of one hand.

There is never too much gold to the adherent of a catchy svega! We combine rings with bracelets and chains (long or chokers under the throat, you can several at once), strewn rhinestones or diamonds, if the budget allows.

Rapers even wear diamond grills or braces, demonstrating their dazzling smile without exaggeration during photo shoots.

Vesna Jewelry 21240-251-01-00 46 840 p SKLV 94013150_S 3 210 p Imperial K0602/PT-405 43 220 p Must have street culture – bright, spectacular things with logos.

We are looking for such earrings and rings, bracelets and pendants! Do not be afraid to overdo it: Stribitsyl-Axuals just about “too much” and “too”, otherwise you would simply not have been noticed on the street.

Sokolov 031637_S 9 440 p Pandora 789296C01 8 490 p Marshal KM-01/1-Z-Fianit 48 370 p

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