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July 11 this year, the company presented a new Vacheron Constantin, on account of a third model series of the Métiers d’Art Chagall & l’Opera de Paris – Clock «Hommage to W.


Mozart », created in cooperation with the State of the Paris Opera (Opéra national de Paris).

The presentation took place in the department of culture of the French Consulate in the United States, after a formal dinner in honor of the head of the Paris Opera and Ballet Brigitte Lefevre.

Leading events became CEO of Vacheron Constantin Juan-Carlos Torres, a member of the Association of American Friends of the Paris Opera & Ballet Olivia Flatto and adviser for the French consul culture in the United States Antonin Baudry.

Among the guests were the President of the Paris Opera and Ballet Theater Marina de Brantes, board members Serena Liz, Carol Mack and Laura Zeckendorf members Pablo Stewardship Council Legoretta and Steve Pesner, President of the Association of American Friends of the Paris Opera & Ballet Edward Reuilly, as well as director of the festival Lincoln center Nigel Redden and deputy director of the Paris opera and ballet Christophe Tardieu.

Brigitte Lefebvre and Juan Carlos Torres (Ms.

Brigitte Lefevre and Mr.

Juan-Carlos Torres) Introduced new product dedicated to the great Austrian composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

On enamel dial hours thumbnail frescos step performing processing using Grand Feu (hot enamel).

On a blue background depicts disc dancing figure in yellow and red colors, symbolizing the work of Mozart’s «The Magic Flute».

Juan-Carlos Torres, Olivia Flatto, Brigitte Lefevre and Hugues de Pins (Mr.

Juan-Carlos Torres, Ms.

Olivia Flatto, Ms.

Brigitte Lefevre, Mr.

Hugues de Pins) Novelty is presented in the case of yellow gold, diameter – 40 mm.

The watch is designed on the basis of the automatic caliber 2460 SC with a stamp of Geneva Hallmark.

The mechanism is based on 27 jewels, it has a 40-hour power reserve.

Hours Métiers d’Art Chagall & l’Opera de Paris «Hommage to W.


Mozart »comes on a black leather strap with a buckle-pin of polished gold.

Antonin Beaudry and Nigel Redden (Mr.

Antonin Baudry, Mr.

Nigel Redden) Recall that presented the novelty – a third of the planned fifteen copies lines Metiers d’Art Chagall & l’Opera de Paris.

The collection was launched in 2007 in cooperation with the producer time of the State of the Paris Opera.

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