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Natalie knees. King’s move
Interview with a specialist in design decorations and fashion accessories. Swarovski.
You are a specialist in design decorations and fashion accessories. How difficult it was to decide on the launch of a completely new destination for you – Swarovski watches?
I really didn’t too understand the clock, so the first logical step was the invitation of professionals, time designers, technical consultants, marketers. Many things have become a real discovery for me. I had, of course, the idea of ​​what Swarovski watch, how they should look, but I was convinced several times that the design was drawn on paper, and ready-made hours are completely different things. I was glad that experts had heard from the very beginning.
And what was this presentation? What do you say designers when you describe what you want to see new SWAROVSKI collections?
The clock among other decorations is like a queen on a chessboard. They attract attention more stronger, fashion trends concentrate more clearly. Finally, the clock is the quintessence of the brand. So the jewelry artist who takes the clock must surpass himself. I decided that Swarovski watches should disclose the brand philosophy at 100%. And it lies in two characteristics. The first – we work with crystals for more than a hundred years, and we are leaders in this area. The second is despite the long history, Swarovski is the most modern brand. We reflect the most fashionable trends with the efficiency of the best fashion log.
Swarovski by Shourouk.
What is now relevant in the watch design?
Metal, graphic, clear forms. Moreover, I say not only about fashion accessories, but also about traditional watches. I think, in the near future, watch design will become more dynamic and avant-garde.
Many famous brands use Swarovski to decorate their own products. What do they differ from your hours?
This is an important question. And first of all, I asked him myself when I came to the company in 2006. The fact is that others only use Swarovski as an additional decoration. We can create innovations in the crystals themselves, give them the necessary forms, to achieve unique combinations. Many people think that sparkling stones are a passing phenomenon, today in fashion, and tomorrow there is no. I think that you can brill in different ways. It may be the cold hermetic radiance of Urban-Chic, and a romantic painting in Newage and Ethnic style.
Octa Sport Zebra.
Why in our time it is the watch attract the attention of fashionable and jewelry brands?
Because they have become a very multifaceted, multi-solid product. Collectibles, status symbol, final barcode in the ensemble – what you just do not hear about the clock. Maybe a part of the meanings is inflated, but people really pay attention to the clock first.
What do you need to stay successful in the clock design?
Represent who you are what you need. Be able to emphasize your strengths and exclusive technologies. Have a clear vision of the image, the lifestyle of the client, on which the clock is calculated. But at the same time they are not afraid to risk and offer unexpected, unobiled solutions.
Swarovski by Shourouk.
Swarovski has a bright premiere every year: D-Light, Lake of Shimme, Swarovski by Shourouk … are not afraid that one day the idea will end?
The company has existed since 1895 – and have never yet experienced problems with new ideas. In addition, I am not alone inventing design. In my department, many young artists representing 22 nationalities who came from a wide variety of industries, there are even artists anime. And you think they will end with ideas? Literally today, we discussed a completely fantastic new project.
Swarovski seeks to fit into the traditional watch industry, even takes part in the exhibition in Basel. You did not think about release and more classic, prestigious models of mechanics?
I very much respect the Swiss watch industry and its rules of the game. And I understand that the brand applying to the status of a suite in the clock industry must comply with certain standards of production, have a manufactory … But now everything is constantly changing. For example, in the jewelry area of ​​the boundary between “high” and “low” is still eroded. Because new marketing tools appear, communications, and this cannot but affect design and production. No one is surprised that in one model, the laser is used simultaneously with manual work. I think for Swarovski is much more important to follow your own rules.
Octa Classica Purple.
You had to face the fact that watch contractors with whom Swarovski work could not do what you thought?
Regularly. Therefore, I prefer to experiment with crystals, as this is our exclusive specialization.
Published in the magazine “My Watch” №4-2014

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