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What to give to the scales to a man And what to give a woman to the scales: what gifts they love Flowers Teapot or coffee service How to choose a gift Libra is easy to please with a gift.

They adore surprises and are happy to the very fact that they are given something pleasant.

The representatives of this sign themselves adore attention.

Therefore, no matter what you give, the scales will tactfully accept the present and thank you for it.

And yet, if you want to guess what to give weights, keep in mind that they love aesthetics.

They also always pay attention to the value of the gift, so we still should not give tasteless trinkets.

What to give to the scales to a man Men-spring are distinguished by hospitality.

They love noisy companies and funny gatherings, appreciate comfort and luxury.

They are great about jewelry.

Therefore, they can be presented with an amulet-dalisman in the form of scales.

If you want to surprise the culprit of the celebration, give him a custom -made jewelry and having a name engraving.

Libra also loves light: a good gift for them will be an original lamp.

This is a very active sign: they love nature and try to travel out of town if possible.

Consider a tourist equipment, folding furniture or drinking system as a gift.

And representatives of this sign love art and usually understand it well.

Give the hero of the occasion a ticket to the opera.

Considering that many scales are aesthetes, they probably already saw all the productions of Carmen, Tasks and Travate.

But they will probably be delighted with a ticket for the production of a baroque opera.

Technics The best gift for Libra-male is electronics.

This can be a new model of a microwave or electric grill.

Do not give men and tablets to men: they are usually indifferent to modern innovations, and prefer practical things.

Gift ideas: Device, ionizing air.

Libra belong to air signs.

Such people pay special attention to their health, so they will surely be happy about a quality and reliable air humidifier; GoPro camera.

Such a camera helps professionally shoot high -quality videos; Biofamin.

Libra that appreciates comfort will probably be happy with the opportunity to warm up long autumn-winter evenings in front of the fireplace, in a cozy romantic setting; Tools for wood processing (electrician, milling milling machine).

Business gifts The best ideas of gifts for male wwees: A set of elite teas.

It is desirable that there are teas from different countries in the set: for example, from India, China, Japan and England; Bar-Globus.

This is a wonderful gift for a business person: present it to your colleague or boss; wrist watch.

When buying, be sure to consider the style of a man and his preferences.

But if you do not know anything about his tastes, give him a high -quality branded watch.

Great if they are registered; Elite alcohol products.

Give the hero of the celebration a set of whiskey or expensive wine; Souvenir weapons.

Such a souvenir can be a good decoration of the interior.

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10028-4 7 920 p Timex TW2R50000RY 7 540 p Classic gifts You can give a man-spring: set for the sauna; training apparatus.

Representatives of this sign usually pay special attention to their figure.

Give him a treadmill, or a bicycle simulator; Equipment for fishing/hunting; barbecue or barbecue; computer games.

Representatives of this sign love complex quests and car races; board games.

If a man is working in a good company and moving along the career ladder, you can give him any game that develops logical thinking and insight; perfumery.

Suitable aromas: cinnamon, vanilla.

Give perfumes only if you know a person very close; plaid.

Choose beautiful and comfortable blankets of soft, calm shades.

Accessories Best ideas: genuine leather belt; tie clamps or cufflinks; umbrella cane.

If the style of a man is already formed, you should not experiment.

In this case, it is best to give him a certificate for designer sewing a suit.

And what to give a woman to the scales: what gifts they love Women-spring are charismatic and romantic personalities.

They are not conflict and get along well in almost any team.

Women-spring are good housewives: they know how to create comfort in the house and maintain order there.

They have a good taste, so a gift for a woman-spring should be restrained and at the same time interesting and exquisite.

Cosmetics You can give a girl-spring: perfumes.

Representatives of this sign adore perfume, and use it for any reason.

They are well versed in it, and change the aroma in accordance with the circumstances, the time of day and their own mood.

They also like to experiment, so you can safely give them expensive perfumes with a still unfamiliar, but subtle aroma.

Women-springs can be delighted with both spirits and toilet water; Decorative cosmetics.

Women-spring are typical representatives of the type of ladies who will not go to extract garbage without makeup.

Gives the culprit of the celebration only branded cosmetics: Believe me, she will be able to distinguish cheap products from the road.

It is good if cosmetics (for example, shadows) will have a slight shine; Crusts.

Give everything that you consider necessary: ​​scrubs, gels, shampoos, balms.

If a woman is more than 30 years old, you can give her a set of Korean cosmetics.

You can also give a regular gift certificate of some famous store.

So the scales will be able to choose what they want.

Decorations Representatives of this sign are loved by expensive, but discreet jewelry.

They have special weakness for earrings and beads.

You can give them gifts with the symbols of the scales: great, if at the same time they are registered.

Good gift ideas: Bracelets.

They must be neat and elegant.

It is very important that they are made of noble metal.

Suitable technique – the technique of artistic weaving; earrings.

Women usually wear earrings constantly, so they pay special attention to the fastener.

Choose earrings with a “crab” fastener: they snap perfectly and hold well; ring.

Suitable material is gold.

The design of the ring must correspond to the status and age of the hero of the occasion.

A girl under 20 years old should be presented with a gentle and elegant product without jewelry.

An adult woman should give more spectacular and catchy jewelry gifts.

Pokrovsky 0201414-00245 3 750 p De Fleur 52101S2 6 470 p Swarovski 5620222 11 500 p Leisure and hobbies Women-springs love to do something with their own hands.

Wanting to congratulate her, be guided by her hobbies.

Gift ideas for a woman who, according to the zodiac sign, is scales: Elektrogril (electric clinic).

Libra love to cook and love to experiment in the kitchen.

They monitor their weight, but nevertheless do not refuse desserts.

If a woman already has an electric grill, give her a barbecue barbek, or a good plate; a machine for sewing or knitting; Knitting set (sewing).

The scales are generally very fond of knitting, so they will probably be happy with a set of high -quality yarn, thread and knitting needles.

Many women-wangers live at home pets-dogs or cats.

They are well versed in breeds and in the features of caring for favorites.

Give a multi -level house for a cat, high -quality carrying or basket.

If dogs live in the scales, you can give the culprit of the celebration pretty walking overalls.

Flowers No one loves flowers like Libra.

They will be delighted with both a huge armful of flowers and a beautiful flower in a pot.

The main thing is that the flowers are not banal.

It is desirable that there are a lot of them.

Also, representatives of this sign (both women and men) will be happy with an exotic plant.

It’s great if you write it out from abroad.

If there is no way to give exotic, present home flowers.

Libra is pleasant to flowers such as orchid, hydrangea, violet, and Decembrist.

Also, orchids, roses, violets, chrysanthemums, lilies may be present in the bouquet.

Teapot or coffee service Like flowers, this universal gift will also delight both a man and a woman.

Libra value beauty, and love to enjoy any process – even if it is a cup of coffee in the morning.

Bring them such a pleasure! How to choose a gift Money can be given to Libra only if they lack a certain amount to purchase the necessary thing.

As aesthetes, they are important to them by pleasure.

Libra likes the process of unpacking gifts.

Take care of the wrapper so that they are pleased.

Libra loves not only to smell good, but also to look great.

Therefore, you can give them a dress or suit.

If you doubt that the thing will like, invite the culprit of the celebration for shopping: let them choose what you have long wanted.

Libra also likes paintings and other art objects.

They will be very happy to visit the exhibition, museum, or some other event.

You will not lose if you present as a gift a reproduction of a picture of a beloved artist.

Libra is a sign of harmony and balance.

Therefore, you should choose a gift and packaging in the color scheme of pastel colors.

This sign is very appreciated by natural stones.

Amethyst, azurit, aquamarine, malachite, nephritis and rhodonitis are suitable.

Libra can evaluate the uniqueness, beauty and originality of the author’s performance.

You can give them both a porcelain figurine and an elegant decoration.

Libra can also be pleased with the author’s doll, which can be found in the cabin or at the exhibition.

Even if you have chosen a gift incorrectly, they will not be offended: they are not going to spoil the mood for the holiday or others.

But if the gift is not presented from a pure heart, they will try to get rid of it: of course, they won’t throw it away, because they are too practical, but they will definitely give it to someone.

If you know the interior of the House of Libra, then try so that our gift fits into it by design and color scheme.

He must delight all the feelings of the scales: vision – with his beauty, when they look at him, touch – with his pleasantness, when they touch him, smell – a pleasant aroma, hearing – melodic music.

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