Morgan Stanley: a report that shows who are the TOP watch brands

Omega opened the flagship boutique in Chinese Chengdu

Rolex is confirmed as the undisputed leader among watch brands with a sales share of 24.9%, almost three times higher than that achieved by Omega , second with 8.8%. To close the podium Cartier, covering 6.7% of the global lancets market: Is the new Morgan Stanley report highlighting the key points of the Swiss watch of 2020 with a search for photographing the results of the entire sector .

There are few surprises, since among the main sources for this focus are the numbers indicated by the Fédération deindustria Horlogère Suisse on global exports which for the past year had decreed a decrease of 21.8%. Added to this are the data processed in collaboration with LuxeCounsult relating to the market shares of the individual brands.

The most loved watch brands in the world

The three brands on the podium are followed by Longines in fourth place (with 6.2%), Patek Philippe (5.8%), Audemars Piguet (4.3%), Tag Heuer (3%) Richard Mille (2, 5%), Iwc (2.7%), Breitling (2.4%), Hublot (2.3%), Jaeger-LeCoultre 2.1%), Tissot (3.1%), Panerai (1.6 %), Vacheron Constantin (1.5%) and Breguet (1.2%).

Reading this ranking from the point of view of the groups, it is always Rolex (together with Tudor) that excel with 26.8% of the market, just ahead of Swatch Group which holds 25.2%, followed by Richemont with 18.2% and Lvmh with 7.2%.

The six brands over a billion in revenues

The research points out that six out of a total of 350 brands have totaled sales of over one billion Swiss francs. Obviously among these there are Rolex with 4.4 billion Swiss francs (810 thousand pieces) and then Omega with 1.758 billion (500 thousand pieces), Cartier with 1.6 billion (490 thousand pieces), Patek Philippe with 1.16 billion (53 thousand pieces). ), Longines with 1.14 billion (1.5 million pieces) and Audemars Piguet with 1.12 billion with (40 thousand pieces).

The latest of…

In 2020 Rolex (+ 3.37%), Patek Philippe (+ 0.2%) and Audemars Piguet (+ 0.5%) managed to increase their market shares, while Swatch Group (-2, 7%), Richemont (-1.1%), Lvmh (-0.81%) and the remaining fashion houses (all together -4.6%).

As for the specifics of large groups, within the Swatch Group there are three brands that together account for over 70% of estimated sales: Omega 36.7%, Longines 23.8% and Tissot 12.9%. In Richemont, on the other hand, the top three are Cartier (the only brand owned with a market share of over 5%) with 40.7%, Iwc with 13.4% and Jaeger-LeCoultre with 10. , 7%.

The watches most loved by rich Chinese people

Remaining in the field of Richemont, in China there are five of its brands in the top ten of the most desired with high spending profiles: Vacheron Constantin is third, Jaeger-LeCoultre fourth, Cartier fifth, Van Cleef & Arpels eighth, Piaget ninth. This ranking is completed by Patek Philippe in first position, Rolex in second, Bulgari in sixth, Audemars Piguet in seventh and Omega in tenth (sources are Morgan Stanley research and Hurun, ed ).

The smartwatch wins over the classic watch

The last point touched by the report is the comparison between Swiss watchmaking and smartwatches. These are two products for completely different and not comparable characteristics and value, but if you combine the volume of pieces sold, the numbers are surprising.

If in 2014 the traditional Swiss models purchased were 28.6 million compared to 5.1 million smartwatches, today the values ​​detected by crossing the data of Morgan Stanley research and IDC are, and not a little, completely overturned: 74.4 million are smartwatches sold compared to 13.8 million Swiss watches.

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