“Money worship” the whole doctrine of three senior gold watch recommend

Sister likes to drink tea, a decent wrist watch how little of it? Today, afternoon tea compiled a handbook will wear a watch, sisters.

Please keep ~ Cartier – blue balloon As the entry-level watches, Cartier blue gas with its unique design language and a good brand awareness, so many girls aspire endless.

If your budget is three fifty thousand, and want to buy a decent point female wristwatch, vote for it to be sure.

The same price can also choose Chanel J12H5698, but the fight for afternoon tea perspective, I recommend blue balloons.

Why? Because people who know more than ah.

Watch brands: Cartier Watches Model: W6920071 Counter price: 43,300 yuan Jaeger-LeCoultre – Dating Coordination combination Jaeger-LeCoultre dating graceful and elegant design, diamond, moon phase, crocodile belts and other elements, all aspects are revealed elegance.

Do not dress up, wear it will be able to highlight your taste.

In addition you listen to this name “date”, this watch seems to date for us.

Watch brand: Jaeger-LeCoultre Watches Model: 3448420 Counter price: 99,000 yuan Rolex – Daytona Gold workers do not need much introduction, sisters know.

In the watch where it is not the most expensive, but to make a good Shashi Hou seem.

Whether taking pictures “inadvertently” exposed mirror, or want money urgently cash.

Finished his circle of friends know that you wear a Rolex, Paul missing when selling prices to catch up, fight table sisters who also earn a few thousand dollars.

Watch brand: Rolex Watches Model: 116 505 Counter price: 307,300 yuan Breguet – Queen of Naples Queen queeni am queen wear it so many QQ name, WeChat names with queen sister fulfillment of a dream Queen.

Queen of Naples as the top luxury fashion female form, whether it is a design element of noble color, or Breguet proud of watchmaking, are both amazing people praise.

This luxurious vintage watch exudes a unique charm, quietly walked into the hearts of girls, as one of their coveted treasures.

Watch brands: Breguet Watches Model: 8908BR Counter price: 284,800 yuan Van Cleef & Arpels – Valentine’s Bridge If you want to choose the time and the perfect combination of art watch, I think Van Cleef & Arpels regarded as one of the lover bridge.

Design background of the dial is a pair of lovers standing on the Pont des Arts in Paris, the umbrella tip to prevail hour, minute to prevail roses or eleven 55 to twelve, two cartoon characters will embrace five minutes.

The whole idea of ​​romantic table design, exquisite, elegant.

If I say that this be one of the graduation section of the female form, no one should have opinions, right? Watch brand: Van Cleef & Arpels Watches Model: VCARO8TY00 Counter price: 965,000 yuan Richard Miller – red lips Top fashion watch darling in recent years, is undoubtedly the Richard Miller.

Barrel-shaped case design, highly recognizable.

Bring it to drink tea, be sure to make you stand out in the crowd goddess.

More than you want to add micro-channel is a small brother, there may want to fight an hourly sister of the watch.

Watch brand: Richard Miller Watches Model: RM07 Counter price: 120 yuan starting

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