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The annual Christmas arrived.

While Christmas is a traditional Western festival, but with the exchange of East and West, and now a lot of Chinese people have had.

And watch as the West imported goods, will naturally appear on Christmas.

Every Christmas, the faithful will release foreign table watch a lot of photos to celebrate.

Today summarized what “Friends Christmas table Figure Guide” REFERENCES to the domestic friends, drawing contest for next year’s fighting good works appear.

1, pay attention to the background @ Conkers1971 Pictures directly wearing a watch is undoubtedly the most entry-made plans, as long as the background is behind the Christmas tree, and Christmas or related items can be.

2, pay attention to the composition @ Syn.

chrous Although it is taken directly from your phone, but advanced players began to pay attention to composition of the picture.

The usual practice is placed in the center of the watch, as highlighted.

@theblackdial Friends of conditional table this time if the SLR, the effect will be better.

If only phone, you can use to generate background blur function, highlighting the middle watch again.

3, pay attention to color match @everesbands There are five key Christmas colors, namely red, green, white, gold, silver.

These types of colors with each other can be more easily and accurately create a Christmas atmosphere.

@singaporewatchclub Of course, if there is no chance Chouqi five colors, you can select the priority in the order of red> green> white> gold> silver.

In the case ensure that there are two main colors of red, green, and then pay attention to the background and composition, it is easy out Christmas style.

For example, this Omega Speedmaster was originally Altman Commemorative Edition, such a film, full of Christmas flavor.

@Horoloupe If you have not watch the red, green tones, and even interfere with other colors, such as this Audemars Piguet Royal Oak smoky blue on the dial, then Christmas as much as possible to show the background colors, and even the prospect of manufacturing green to highlight.

@Crownandcaliber There is encountered watches interference color, is not no way to solve.

For example, red and blue piece of Rolex bezel, in order to resolve the Friends of towering blue outer ring, set on a blue background with Christmas tree lights generated.

4, professional, fun @vinatgetrlx Friends Christmas table made plans, it is easy to fall into a misunderstanding that got to send the watch itself.

In fact, as long as it can be detached and watches.

For example, only red and blue hair color of the outer ring of a Rolex GMT.

Because it is a unique aluminum texture antique table, and with a degenerate after years of fade, but will attract the attention of fans cousin.

@Lilbits Red wheels as large a signature elements Rolex self-winding mechanical watches.

Rolex reason in the movement Teflon-coated red because of the change is not made of brass or steel body to the wheels, but an aluminum alloy.

Less dense aluminum bottom, the extra energy consumption can be reduced, but the drawback is soft, so the aluminum alloy to Rolex deflecting rollers plus Teflon-coated wear resistant.

This technique because you can not use lubricating oil, it is also called “self-lubricating.

” The reason is mess red instead of green, purple, because that is good-looking, conspicuous, strong psychological suggestion.

Repair master table to collect a bunch of used Rolex red round, and then with gold-plated gear, silver steel, can also create a strong Christmas atmosphere.

Because such parts is not common for ordinary table friends, so prominent a sense of professional and more attention.

@VVC In addition to watch parts, drawn Vinatge official brand advertising album is also very suitable, such as Rolex posted this in the 1940s when Christmas promotional photos.

If you happen to have an advertising album antique table with the money, pictures on the map show together, hardly more praise! 5, the number of rolling @ Core election Watchoosy Most people would think of the subconscious “multi = fast hardware”, so when the show graphs, watches, accessories and more people will give enough impact.

In general, when the map show the table would put a bunch of people to be considered “show off their wealth.

” For unobtrusive, so be sure to show the map and related topics, such as put up a Christmas tree.

@ Core election Watchoosy If the number was not enough, the camera technique is very critical.

The more low-lying, the higher the Christmas tree, lying on the ground for better results! @ Passion-luxury-watches Do not number the highest state Christmas tree with a rolling table box, inside the box because they do not know in the end there is no watch.

Anyway empty list box is not expensive, Taobao salted fish on a lot.

This time really fast hardware players to watch will be dishing out a stack of Christmas tree, if it is the same brand, same series, the same style better results! 6, the price of rolling @ Vertigo1983 Than the number of finished, to begin than price.

Although it is “tacky”, but a pile of Richard Miller, Patek Philippe made the Christmas tree, the impact is definitely feeling better than ordinary watches.

In addition to a touch of Christmas atmosphere outside, across the screen can feel the “moat.

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