Junghans presents Meister Driver Handaufzug Watch

Meister Driver Handaufzug Watch

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Junghans presents Meister Driver Handaufzug Watch
Watches inspired by cars of the 1930s
Junghans’s watch brand introduced Meister Driver Handaufzug, the design of which is inspired by classic cars of the 1930s and cargo of the company’s founder Arthur Yonggans – a friend of Wilhelm Maybah and Gotlib Daimler. The main source for inspiration for designers was the car Maybach DS 8 Zeppelin 1932. So, in the clock used the same combination of colors – anthracite, cream and light gray.
The appearance of the dial recalls the car speedometer. The watch presented in two versions are equipped with a J815.1 mechanism with a manual plant (based on ETA 7001 PESEUX). The diameter of the steel case is 37.7 mm, height is 7.3 mm. The dial is protected by organic glass with Sicralan coating.

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