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Maranello – a sacred place for the drivers and motorsport fans around the world In 1943, the company moved here Ferrari, after which the city has become the automotive Mecca Today.

Maranello are factory race track and the gallery of the aforementioned well-known manufacturer of racing cars.

Every year thousands of tourists come here to personally plunge into the unique atmosphere of racing.

a few years ago, all those who can not imagine my life without speed and drive, and for whom a bright red color is not just a symbol of love, namely the love of the car, got the easiest way to always carry a particle automotive mecca.

Swiss Italian origin Mauriche Matsokki decided to create a real racing watches and, of course, is not chosen by chance as the name of the new brand name of the most iconic Maranello.

It is important that the birth of a new watch brand blessed directly power the city of Maranello and gave us L.



(Lifestyle Product Development) official permission to use his name for commercial purposes.

Mauriche Matsokki managed the best way to combine Italian passion and Swiss quality in a new watch.

Today the brand Maranello is working closely with world leaders – manufacturers of racing cars Alfa Romeo, Bugatti, Maserati, Ferrari, Ducatti, Aprilia, just mention the names of which causes quivering delight in the hearts of fans of this sport.

The most famous collection of brand Maranello V8 is named in honor of the famous 8-cylinder engine, which has repeatedly brought the victory of the Italian car, and in 2006 recognized only valid for all motor racing cars.

V8 Collection includes two models – the regular line and Automatic Chronograph limited edition Automatic Chronograph Tricompax.

Running have many similarities: the mechanism on the 25 jewels caliber Mar 04 for the first model or caliber 07 Mar 29 stones for a more challenging second.

Bezel both automatic chronograph equipped with tachymeter scale – the same as on the dashboard of racing cars, and the dial is polished in the same technique as the body of the car.

On connection with automotive world resembles carbon having besides high durability, and a rotor stylized – wheel, the rotation of which can be seen through the transparent back cover.

So the effect of the presence on the Formula 1 race, thanks to Maranello clock, provided to you.

Maranello chronographs are available in a large 45-millimeter case.

Model Automatic Chronograph made of steel and carbon fiber, the strap – of leather or rubber.

Housing Automatic Chronograph Tricompax presented in several embodiments: steel coated with PVD and or rose gold, carbon; Strap – alligator.

Not forgotten is also the sign of the Swiss decor element – cotes cle geneve ( «Geneva waves).

For the first model provides water resistance to 100 meters, and for the second limited – 30 meters.

Motor hours V8 is able to operate continuously for 48 hours .




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