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The Manufacture Jaeger-LeCoultre loves to train the imagination of their fans.

Instrument training are the Reverso watch, whose tipping body is always fraught with unexpected treasures.

The hours of this iconic collection of the inside of the body is easily turned out, turning out the perfect place to personalize your watch by any means available, whether it be engraved, inlaid with precious stones or enamel miniature.

The models and the Reverso Duetto Reverso Duo face the inside of the plane becomes to implement watch complications and exquisite finishes, available skilled craftsmen manufacture of the Vallée de Joux.

Since the advent of the emotional impact of Reverso watches in 1931, only grows.

Decade after decade, the icon style is admired and surprise contemporaries.

Clean, purist lines of the hull makes Reverso symbol of elegance.

On the 85th anniversary of the Reverso, we wanted to offer a new vision of this watch – well-known in general, but depending on the model, different in detail.

We have pursued a variety of objectives such as: – the desire to preserve the essence of these unique watches that combine both diverse skills and talents manufactory masters, and the spirit of modern elegance; – the desire to expand the collection by the introduction of three lines Reverso Classic, Reverso Tribute and Reverso One, each of which has its own personality; – providing customers choice of three buildings the size – small, medium and large; – the need for a number of models in the line Reverso Classic self-winding movement, providing the convenience of daily use; – Finally, an invitation to create their own unique watches by Atelier Reverso».

That was our mission, the results of which we are proud to present to your court, – says CEO of manufacture Jaeger-LeCoultre Daniel Rideau.

Reverso Classic Line Cult status hours Reverso Classic is based on radiated by them eternally topical appeal.

They are like the face of a loved one: he had seen it a million times never get bored.

Inspired art in the Art Deco era strict geometric body, straight font Arabic numerals, hour markers, minute scale like a rectangular reflected light of the past decades, and a series of one after another of styles.

Immune to the vagaries of momentary fashion, watches Reverso Classic derive their strength in the ideal proportions of the body corresponding to the formulated by the ancient mathematicians principle of golden section.

Available in small, medium and large sizes Reverso Classic models look naturally both male and female wrists.

More than just accessories, they make a subtle contribution to the individual style and self-awareness owners.

Updated steel strap lugs are thinner and allow the clock tightly to his hand.

Circular grinding housing foundations adds refinement.

Texture of black and white dials models Reverso Classic guilloche engraving creates a combination in the middle and vertical stripes on the sides.

If trim pay homage to the classic aesthetic codes of the collection, the technical characteristics of the new Reverso closer to the demands of today’s consumers.

To do this, most of the models Reverso Classic line are equipped with self-winding movement, satisfies the requirements of functionality and convenience in daily use.

While the Reverso collection is traditionally associated with the mechanisms of hand wound, Jaeger-LeCoultre initiates a taste for change and seeks to reconcile apparent opposites.

This desire is expressed in combination watch complications with ease of use, as well as in association with utilitarian beauty.

Development of automatic mechanisms, specially designed for rectangular the Reverso, required all range of talent available to the factory.

Reverso Classic The inner side of the Reverso watch Classic, available in steel casings of three different sizes, is the perfect place for an embodiment of your imagination games, for example, by means of an individual engraving.

One simple movement of the hand is enough to watch the holder could assert themselves, of course, if he prefers not to keep his message in secret from others.

Reverso Classic Large Duo The clock Reverso Classic Large Duo, made of steel or rose gold, the inner hull may unexpectedly result in the second time zone display.

Especially for tumbling towers manufactory developed and manufactured machinery with two-way display on separate dials.

This invention is still the exclusive prerogative of the Big House of the Joux Valley.

On matte guilloche dial is released outside Placed in the position of 6 o’clock light day / night, while the black dial on the inside, decorated with pattern Paris Nails and larger hour indices, replacing the traditional figures, shows the local time.

Reminiscent of an anchor logo Jaeger-LeCoultre dominates the inner dial with ‘sunrise’, is in stark contrast to dial the outside.

Internal dial also reveals another surprise: a discreet but tangible presence of freely rotating the automatic winding of the pendulum in the middle.

Reverso Classic Duetto They are designed to delight, always use and give a reason to be proud of your property.

Made in two sizes of pink gold or steel – small and medium – this watch will adorn any wrist.

With the inner and outer dials and two pairs of arrows, driven by a mechanism, they emit seductive elegance.

Inner black dial in the art deco style, with its two diamond lanes, like flirting with pointers nighttime.

Reverso Classic Watches are highly valued for their outstanding style, the test of time and absorbed continuously updated trends of elegance.

They translate care exhibited manufactory Jaeger-LeCoultre for all their trust in her creative excellence.

Line Reverso Tribute Reverso Tribute to create manufactory Jaeger-LeCoultre have inspired the most complex of the previously released hours Reverso: a model with a tourbillon and Gyrotourbillon®, belonging to the collection Hybris Mechanica®.

This line is addressed to the circle of discerning connoisseurs with their own ideas of design and aesthetics of the ideal clock.

Included in it a model inspired by the original copy, which is an integral part of the heritage of Jaeger-LeCoultre.

The appearance of any of them invariably caused a sensation, which gave the creative forces of the masters of the manufactory.

Vintage models Tribute to the spirit of 1931 unusually clearly convey dials unusual colors – chocolate brown, blue or even red, which have become favorites of collectors.

Along with complex and innovative mechanism of the device, Reverso Tribute stand out thanks to the perfect proportions of buildings, bright dial with grained, arrows of the Dauphin, overhead hour markers and finishing bases housing design sun rays.

Actuated mechanism with manual winding movement, all models Reverso Tribute equipped with two independent dials with indicators day / night.

To set the second time zone applies intuitive and easy to use correction system.

Reverso Tribute Duo Original style distinguishes Reverso Tribute Duo model.

Steel hull medium-sized and blue hour markers reflect the aesthetics of modernity.

Dial the outside with graining, gives depth to be immediately noticed and otsenon experts.

It animates the small seconds dial.

Tipping body opens the eyes face a second time zone, adding hours of dynamism and inner strength.

Reverso Tribute Calendar A more complex model Reverso Tribute Calendar gives a visual representation of technical skill manufactures.

On the outer side are indicators complete calendar, and with the inner – pointer to the second time zone, known under the trade name Reverso Duo.

Graphic quality external dial enhances a clear indicator of the phases of the moon.

It is strictly symmetrical sign Day / Night on the inner side, the latter crowned with a tiny triangle mark to facilitate the reading of his testimony.

Anthracite dial with guilloche pattern Paris Nails is the perfect duo with pink gold case.

Connoisseurs sure to pay attention to the spectacular Reverso Tribute Calendar, operated by Jaeger-LeCoultre Calibre 853 mechanism.

Any of the models Reverso its founders entrusted to a common mission: to cultivate a means of watchmaking at its owner’s penchant for beauty, achieve inner peace and wisdom.

Reverso Classic clock lines and Reverso Tribute imbued with this intriguing theme, selected textiles in 2016 as a capital.

When the technique and aesthetics act together when spectacular surprises dictated by the nature of time, then certainly there comes a moment to admire the results of human labor to create these wonders.


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