MB & F creates a new Balthazar robot

MB & F Balthazar robot

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MB & F creates a new Balthazar robot
MB & F Balthazar – Robot clock with two characters
MB & F released a new robot – Balthazar watch with an “jumping” hour indication, retrograde indication of seconds and a 35-day stroke stock. Balthazar, which emerged after Melchior and Sherman cars, consists of 618 parts, weighs more than eight kilograms, and its height is about 40 cm. Balthazar freely revolves around his axis, opening two nature: from the terrifying side there is a moon phase indicator, and With “Light” – two disks for displaying minutes and the stroke stock indicator. Red eyes robot are retrograde 20-second counters.
Under the glass cap lies the “brain” of the Balthazar – the regulator of the clock. The Balthazar model is released by limited series of 50 copies, each of which is distinguished by the color of armor – black, silver, blue or green.

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