Maurice Lacroix releases bronze watches

Maurice Lacroix bronze watches

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Maurice Lacroix releases bronze watches
Maurice Lacroix Aikon Bronze combine bronze and chocolate tint dial
Maurice Lacroix Aikon Bronze – new men’s brand watches that are selected by the choice of material for the case. The 44-mm body is made of bronze, which will be noble “old” with time, covering the patina. The hill is harmoniously combined with a chocolate tint dial with a smoky effect. The rigor of the dial gives the horizontal pattern of the guilloche. The hour and minute arrows are covered with gold. Complements the image of quartz clock vintage strap from calf leather with a logo in the form of the letter “M” and a classic bronze buckle. The release of Maurice Lacroix Aikon Bronze is limited by a series of 388 copies.

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