Mark Hyt introduced hours H2 Tradition

Mark Hyt hours H2 Tradition

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Mark Hyt introduced hours H2 Tradition
New ideas about modern classics
HYT has introduced H2 Tradition watches that embody the presentation of the brand of modern classics and using innovative HYT technology to indicate time. The housing in which satin surfaces are combined with polished, made of white gold and titanium with anthracite PVD coating. The size of the housing is 48.8 x 17.9 mm. Exclusive HYT caliber, visible and on the side of the dial, and through the rear transparent lid, has an 8-hour stroke stock.
To indicate minutes, a large lacquered white dial with Arabic numbers on “12 hours” is served, the second dial is located below. For watches that show the blue liquid, the scale along the edge of the dial with Roman numerals is intended. The release of hours is limited to 50 copies.

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