Marcel Robert. Couturier of time

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Marcel Robert. Couturier of time
Atelier for the manufacture of leather straps to order, which was opened in Moscow French master Erve Marseille Robert Le Vedeat, very well known to connoisseurs of prestigious hours. His high reputation is quite deserved, since the owner himself knows exactly what a real luxury service is, and is willing to share his philosophy.
About personal
I would call three main reasons why customers turn on the straps to me. The first two is time and cost. Since the production itself is in Moscow, we are not dependent on European wastewater. So, the average production time of the new strap is ten days, but if necessary, you can do and faster. And besides, although we use imported skin, thanks to local production we can maintain reasonable prices. But the main reason is probably not so much in such rational arguments, but that the clock is a very personal accessory, and the owner is so applies to him. It’s not just to change the old strap to a new one, but to make the clock more personalized, allocate them from a standard row according to taste and character of the owner. Often, people want to change the usual brown “crocodile” on something more stylish, emphasizing the color of the arrows and the housing, to fit the strap length exactly on the wrist. The MARCEL ROBERT service is a very short way from the customer’s desire to the finished product. Customers of my atelier speak to me personally, we can discuss together different aspects, if necessary, make sketches, pick up the best material.
About craftsmanship
I like to work directly with customers, and not with big brands. Unfortunately, the tradition of such work was interrupted in Russia, everything was aimed at mass production. In Atelier Marcel Robert, we try to revive it. I take on the work of everyone – and then I spend my own testing to determine, a person fits me or not. Experience does not matter. People who have never worked with the skin, reach high skill due to the desire to be at a certain level of quality.
About digit
Clock straps are individual work. Each order depends on many factors, from the form and size of the case, from the client. One strap makes one master, and I do not want to turn my atelier into a flow factory. However, why not try other areas of work with skin? For example, we patented our own cover for iPhone 6. It is much easier to make it, because the body has a standard smartphone, here you can show a fantasy in design, and not in the design. Judging by the success of this project, I think to expand the line of leather accessories, and not least this is due to the penetration of digital technologies in many areas of life. Digital chips are perfectly combined with expensive skin, there are great prospects for personalization.
About tastes
In general, male preferences are pretty conservative: black and brown straps are sometimes blue. But more and more ladies wish to “wear” their watches in something unusual. They order a color alligator, python, ostrich, very many love atlas. Satin straps look gorgeous, but still less reliable than leather. On average, my allegant leather strap, if actively worn, retains a great view of three or four years. As for various technical materials, such as rubber and silicone, I can also make such straps. But more often happens exactly the opposite: clients come to me and ask to change the rubber bracelet on the leather. This material is eternal. He will never come out of fashion, like the wristwatch itself.

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