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How to make a gift for a birthday from mother -in -law How to make an inexpensive gift for a birthday A gift for a birthday from a father -in -law The son -in -law is a special caste of people who are not that not that unfriendly, but wary.

After all, usually the sons -in -law, even the best, do not suit anyone, because it was this man who “took away” the daughter from the family.

But no one canceled his birthday, and the daughter will still have to congratulate her husband.

What to do right here? To make a good gift or just give something for a box, showing that the son-in-law can try and better? In this article, we will just talk about the fact that you can give a son -in -law for other, what presentations you should not buy and how to organize a holiday correctly.

How to make a gift for a birthday from mother -in -law All mothers, mothers and mother -in -law love to teach.

In their actions, women often show what should be done and what is impossible.

But remember that in DR no one wants someone to explain something to him, therefore, choosing a gift, imagine that you buy it not a son-in-law, but, for example, your own son or husband.

Think about what these people need or just like it.

You should also consider how much time the daughter is in a relationship with her loved one.

If the couple has been married for a long time, they have a strong family, there are already children, then choose something worthy and expensive, because the person who pleases your daughter deserves the highest assessment and praise-right? If the young man is in the status of the future son -in -law, he can be presented easier than a gift.

But still, it is better not to give a T -shirt or a cap.

Pay attention to the hobby that a man is fond of.

Gifts from this subject will always be useful, bring joy, and the MCH will use them for a very long time.

When choosing a present, be sure to consult with your daughter, because she knows the tastes of her husband well and will be able to tell the original idea or evaluate your proposal.

There is a certain list of things that are not customary to give a son -in -law for a birthday.

It is forbidden to present personal hygiene products by etiquette for leaving for itself.

Such a gift can make a wife, mother or brother, but no mother -in -law.

Also, in no case should you give things that can at least partially hint a person about his shortcomings.

Many women of our country are able to knit with their own hands.

And then these beautiful clothing items: sweaters, sleeveless jackets, scarves, gloves, hats, socks are distributed to everyone who falls by the arm.

However, a sweater or a penguin associated even with love may not like a son -in -law, and then a person falls into a very sensitive situation.

On the one hand, ugly offend the mother -in -law, throwing a sweater in the farthest and most dark corner of the cabinet, and on the other hand, I do not want to wear an uncomfortable thing or a product that does not like it at all.

The same applies to any type of clothing – it is not recommended to give it.

Firstly, you can lose with the size, and secondly, choose an inappropriate model.

If you still want to please the “son” with a new thing, present a gift certificate in one of the clothing stores.

This is an ideal solution that will save your strength, nerves and relationships with your daughter’s husband.

It is not recommended to give gifts for the birthday of son -in -law, which will be used by a couple together: linens; homework technique; dishes; curtains and curtains; apartment decor items; Things and tools for giving, if the son -in -law is not fond of.

In this case, a man may think that this present is made for his daughter, and not for him.

Therefore, leave such gifts on the wedding anniversary.

It is mistaken to believe that only women wear jewelry.

Many men will not abandon a beautiful gold ring with enamel and a small pebble.

Such a product looks beautiful and expensive.

You can purchase a gold bracelet or chain for your husband’s husband.

The original “present” will be cufflinks with a name engraving or a tie pin.

Sokolov 016451_S 25 990 p Marshal KM-131-Z-ZELENYJ-Agat 27 410 p Marshal KM-68-London-Topaz 25 620 p If the children have been married for a long time and a man has established themselves as a responsible, reliable and loving head of the family, a great honor for him will receive a family relic, which is passed from generation to generation along the male line.

Surely you or your husband have a gold ring, a pendant with a chain or a bracelet, donated by your parents.

Giving your daughter’s husband a solid and important present for the family, you thereby show your trust and maximum disposition to him.

How to make an inexpensive gift for a birthday If you do not have huge finances for a gift, then you can present something symbolic for the hobby that your son-in-law is fond of.

Such gifts always bring a lot of positive emotions, because they will definitely come in handy.

Does the daughter of his daughter are fond of football? Then find out in advance which team he is rooting for.

As a gift, you can purchase tickets for the match.

And it is better to buy them at once: one for a son -in -law, and the other for his friend or your daughter.

After all, going to football, as well as to the theater, is better with someone, it will be more fun.

A great gift will be a beer glass with the emblem of your son’s favorite team.

Even if the son -in -law does not like beer, you can completely enjoy kvass, compote or other delicious drinks from such a mug.

There are no restrictions here.

You probably noticed that men prefer to have a large comfortable mug in their arsenal, in which you can pour a lot of drink and not run into the kitchen 300 times at the addition.

The gift needs to be chosen based on the hobbies of the son -in -law – so you definitely will not fail.

You can give a son -in -law’s son -in -law a T -shirt, similar to the shape of his favorite football team.

In this outfit, men often go to matches.

Or in a T -shirt, you can watch the broadcast of the house, staring at the players, if you couldn’t get out.

Bags and backpacks with a football theme are the right things for any man.

And especially they are needed by those who, in addition to work, also go to any training.

In such a present, a form, training clothes and shoes, various useful attributes, such as a bottle-pin, etc.

are laid.

Choose a suitable option for a son -in -law.

A voluminous backpack or a compact bag will definitely come in handy for your son while traveling around the country and abroad.

Moreover, if you choose a fairly high -quality bag, then it will live for many years, delighting the owner with its presence.

A great gift is a thermal underwear that reliably protects the weather from the vagaries in the cold season.

High -quality sports underwear will provide normal health and will not allow serious hypothermia if you have to stay on the street on a dank windy day.

A necessary and important gift for any man can be high -quality sneakers.

But you should not choose them yourself.

Since you definitely do not know all the preferences of your son -in -law.

Here it is better to find out from the daughter how much the gift should be calculated and collect this money in the envelope.

Before the DR or at the holiday itself, present the “target” finances that your son will spend on his needs.

A gift for a birthday from a father -in -law Usually men give each other presentations not for the soul, but something necessary.

It can be: instrument set; any technique; items for cars; Gifts for a hobby.

If the children live in the house, then ask the son -in -law in advance what he lacks.

Maybe he was going to repair the roof or putting a gazebo on the site.

In this case, you can buy the missing building materials or just pay for the workers who do the plan.

Sometimes the best gift for the representative of the stronger sex will be the usual conversation in the men’s company.

A grill will be a good gift to a man if your children love to relax in the fresh air.

Of course, today in many cultivated natural recreation areas you can rent a place directly with the barbecue, but this is not everywhere.

Therefore, a convenient folding portable barbecue for cooking meat will not hurt anyone.

As for the tool, then the list is very large.

It is important to know that the son -in -law already has a son -in -law, and what is not enough.

For example, today many men have in the house: Tester for checking electricity; various screwdrivers for furniture repair; punch; laser pointer; Set of keys and screwdrivers for all occasions.

An excellent gift will be a tool box.

There are several types: ordinary wooden container; Case.

This is a small height box, separated by departments.

Execution options – a case with a handle or a cabinet with retractable trays.

Small sections are designed to store small fasteners and accessories.

Thanks to the regulation of the space in the organizer, larger screwdrivers and pliers are placed; Organizer.

In most cases, it looks like a case, although sometimes it may look like an ordinary bedside table with drawback sections.

It differs in the presence of many internal compartments designed to store small -sized parts (fasteners, interchangeable nozzles for a perforator, drill, etc.


Partitions between the compartments are usually made removable, which allows you to change the configuration of sections, adapting them to a particular tool or to small accessories (end heads, bits, bolts, screws, etc.


The organizer can be useful not only to the master, but also to those who are dealing with small objects (in particular, fishermen)); A tray is an open container that is very similar to a box without a lid or a flat pallet with small recesses.

Its main advantage is the ability to sort the tool in the desired sequence, so that it is convenient to get to it.

It is convenient to transfer the tray from place to place (with a handle) at a short distance, but it is still more suitable for stationary storage; The trolley is a wheel platform with a set of typical boxes, in which you can place a large number of the most diverse tool.

It is advisable to use this rather bulky and heavy design when the nature of the work performed requires a wide range of parts, accessories and accessories.

It is assumed that such a “eboe” will be delivered to an object in a car, and not by public transport; The bag resembles an ordinary sports bag with a pair of pens and a belt.

The advantage is a large capacity, increased ease of carrying.

The disadvantage is the soft fabric, which complicates the transportation of large equipment, does not protect against damage, moisture.

Some models are equipped with a rigid frame.

Wenger 1092238 2 082 p PICADRO CA3084BR/N 19 200 p Bringi Positano-BL 7 950 p When preparing a gift for a son -in -law, remember your favorite rule: the path to the heart of a man lies through the stomach.

Therefore, be sure to make something tasty with you with you for a holiday or just home gatherings.

The mother -in -law can bake a cake, pie, make delicious meat or just cook your favorite son -in -law salad.

But father-in-law can grab something stronger on a degree: delicious alcohol, beer or just a bottle of good kvass.

So parents show their care, love and attention not just to their children, but also to their chosen ones in life.

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