Luminox Bear Grylls Collection Full review

At the end of winter, Luminox bear Grylls updated last year’s collection. Created in partnership with Edward “Bear” Grylls, an English adventure traveler, television presenter, and writer. 

The Bear Grylls Survival Collection lineup, particularly the MASTER and SEA, has received new design options. And the brand has also presented an entirely new line of Bear Grylls AIR Series.

Luminox Bear Grylls Survival: Survival Watch

It is not by chance that the new collection of Luminox watches was named Survival. 

The models were developed in collaboration with British traveler Edward Michael “Bear” Grylls, host of the “Survive at Any Cost” program. 

As part of the project, he lands in different parts of the planet and proves by his example that you can find conditions for life everywhere. 

Now the Luminox watch can help with this.

Swiss wrist watch Luminox XB.3749 with chronograph

The character of the new products is fully expressed by the Grylls motto, printed on the back cover – “Never give up!” (Never Give Up). 

The Bear Grylls Survival collection is divided into three series: Master, Sea and Land, each with its own characteristics. 

The most functional chronographs are Master. Their highlight is the water resistance of the case to 300 meters, a compass attached to a strap and an SOS code in the Morse code format (“three dots – three dashes – three dots”) printed on the bezel around the dial.

The marine watch is water-resistant to 200 meters (like the terrestrial watch) and is equipped with a countdown bezel for monitoring dives. 

Finally, Bear Grylls Survival Lands allow you to calculate your walking speed.

Swiss wrist watch Luminox XB.3723

For the manufacture of the case for all models, Carbonox is used – a durable composite material three times lighter than titanium. 

In addition, all representatives of the Bear Grylls Survival collection use Luminox Light Technology – a technology that guarantees the glow of arrows and marks for 25 years.

Swiss wrist watch Luminox XB.3781.KM with chronograph

Review: Luminox Bear Grylls

The series, inspired by the pilot’s motives, consists of only two models, with catalog numbers 3761 and 3762. The difference between them is only in the type of complete strap – either a fabric making of Cordura or steel. “Milanese” bracelet.

Survival AIR Series Features

Positioned as a watch for “busy men who are always on the go”. The Bear Grylls Survival AIR Series features a travel-friendly GMT function. The model also received a second wave of popularity with a bezel bearing the names of cities worldwide. And each representing a different time zone.


The diameter of the steel case is 45 mm, and the thickness is 13 mm. The width between the arms is 24 mm, and the water resistance is 200 meters. Sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating.


The bi-directional rotating bezel is crafting from our signature CARBONOX ™ material and features an inlay with city names. The screw-down crown is protecting by side protrusions on the case and is equipping with an orange polymer bezel.

The dial is full of valuable (and not-so) information. A comprehensive, slightly inclined welt with minute markings is located along the outer perimeter. Below it, a contrastingly highlighting, silvery-white ring with a 24-hour scale is answering by a GMT hand with an orange arrow-shaped tip.


There are both “quarter” 12, 3, 6, 9-hour indexes, and additional 24-hour indexes, the so-called in the west (military time). The date aperture is located between the 4 and 5 o’clock positions.

The hour and minute hands and the 12 o’clock position are equipping with orange tritium flasks. The rest of the markers received green trigalights. Arabic indexes “12”, “3”, “6” and “9 o’clock” are covering with Super-LumiNova luminescent compound.

On the matte black surface of the dial, the Grylls logo and motto “Never give up” is applied in orange.

Case back

The same motto is also present on the screw-down case back. The watch is powered by the Ronda 515 HF 6 quartz movement, with a claimed battery life of 50 months. 

The model Luminox Bear Grylls Survival AIR Series 3761 GMT, equipped with a fabric strap, is 695 dollars. The version on a steel “Milanese” bracelet is estimated at 795 dollars.

Dial color

In addition, the Bear Grylls Survival MASTER – 3745 chronograph has received a new yellow dial color.

The two symmetrical registers, located just above the 9 and 3 o’clock positions, are highlighted in black panda style in contrast.

The dial of the Luminox 3720 is decorated with a “fabric” texture reminiscent of the canvas. The ubiquitous “Never Give Up” inscription is in large print at the bottom.

Bottom Line

Another model of the same series is XB.3723.R3. Equipped with a separate reminder on the strap for those in extreme situations. The “Rule of Three,” known to many survivalists, states that a person can live:

  • without air – 3 minutes,
  • Under conditions of low/high temperature, humidity/precipitation, squall wind, etc.) – 3 hours,
  • without water – 3 days,
  • without food – 3 weeks.
  • Never give up!

About bear Grylls’ Adventures

Edward Michael “Bear” Grills needs no separate introduction – he is an English traveler, TV presenter and writer. The famous extreme, born June 7, 1974, who served in the SAS, became the youngest Briton to conquer Mount Everest at 23, just eighteen months after a back injury sustained during a parachute jump in Zambia. Head of the United Kingdom Scout Association, Survival Instructor. 

He received the greatest popularity as a participant in the television shows Mission Everest, It Couldn’t Be Worse, Trial by Fear, Wild Bear’s Weekend, In the Footsteps of Survivors, and of course Survive at Any Cost. He is the author of the books: “Guide to Life”, “Dirt, Sweat and Tears”, “Above the Burning Abyss”, “Ghosts of the Lost Flight”, “Devil’s Sanctuary”.

As part of a team of five, he crossed the waters of the North Atlantic without assistance in an open inflatable boat. 

The daredevils sailed from Halifax (Nova Scotia) to John O’Groats (Scotland), battling eight-point winds, hypothermia, icebergs and storms, overcoming several dangerous areas, including the Labrador Sea, Danish Strait. For this voyage, Grills was awarded the honorary rank of Lieutenant Commander of the Naval Reserve.

Bear Grylls is no stranger to our common theme, at different times on his wrist one could see watches of such brands: Bremont, Breitling, Casio G-Shock.

Luminox series, created in partnership with Bear Grylls

His name has long turned into a brand under which you can sell anything (manufacturers of hoses and enemas do not yawn, do not miss your chance :)).

Luminox recently announced a partnership with Bear Grylls, and in honor of this event, a whole series was created – Luminox Bear Grylls Survival Collection .

Luminox series, created in partnership with Bear Grylls

As Grills said,

“It’s incredibly important to me to work with a trusted world-class partner like Luminox. I’ve worn a Luminox since my early days on adventures, so it’s great to be part of the family now. The rugged range has been meticulously crafted using multifunctional designs and modern materials to inspire and encourage the adventurer in everyone. ”

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