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The Russian brand has become a partner of the exhibition on the conquest of space in the London Museum of Science
Exhibition “Cosmonauts: Birth of a Space Age” (Cosmonauts: Birth of The Space Age), held in the London Museum of Science, made a real extension in the British press. The Telegraph called the exposure telling about the history of Soviet conquest of space, colossal, and The Observer is an exciting spectacle. In total, more than 150 exhibits are presented at the exhibition organized with the support of the Federal Space Agency, most of which were not previously demonstrated to the public abroad or in Russia.
Part of the steel collections and the clock “Navigansky”, which were accompanied by Yuri Gagarin in the first flight into space. “Svurmanskie” appeared in the exposition together with the “satellite-1” 1957, “East-6” Valentina Tereshkova, the Spacecraft “LK-3”, developed within the framework of the Soviet Lunar Program, the form of Yuri Gagarin, the simulator for training proteins and arrows and other unique exhibits.
For the “Nadrum”, the exhibition provided an excellent opportunity to talk about the glorious history of the Soviet brand and show modern models of both the guests of the exhibition and high-ranking participants of closed events accompanying the opening of the exhibition and representatives of the English media.
Before the opening of the exhibition on September 16, a solemn reception was held at the Russian Embassy in London, which many outstanding figures of science, art, the space industry of the two countries were invited. The first cosmonaut Valentine Tereshkova became the honorable guest of reception. Against the background of exacerbation of relations between the two countries, the opening of the exhibition has become a reason for rapprochement. 350 guests of reception forgot about political contradictions and were able to enjoy in a pleasant atmosphere of the Harrington House mansion by the new lineup of the “Northstorm”, as well as sea and deck chronometers.
On the day of the solemn opening of the exhibition, the Museum of Science lined up the queue – more than 1,000 invitation holders wanted the first to see the devices in space. Deputy Chairman of the Government of Olga Golodets, Director of the London Museum of Science Ian Bletchford, Valentina Tereshkova, Daughter Yuri Gagarina Elena – General Director of the Moscow Kremlin Museum, First Ambassador of the Russian Federation in United Kingdom Alexander Yakovenko, Ambassador of Great Britain in Russia Sir Tim Barrow , Helen Shaman is the first British, visiting space. From the board of the Honorary Guests of the exhibition, Russian astronauts Sergey Volkov congratulated the exhibition, Oleg Kononenko and Mikhail Kornienko. The opening of the exhibition was widely covered in both leading British and Russian media.
Another opportunity to tell about the brand and attract the attention of the British “Svurmensky” used in the museum store. Visitors to the Museum of Science can acquire modern models dedicated to Yuri Gagarin, Alexey Leonov and Sunrise ships, until the end of the exhibition on March 13, 2016. In order for as many guests as possible, the museum can afford to buy a clock, the Sturmansky quartz models are presented in the store, which are usually offered by passengers of flights.
The success of the exhibition in the West may contribute to the fact that the Russians will also be able to see the exposition – in London the opportunity was discussed to present unique exhibits in the Cosmos Pavilion at VDNH. Then the “navigable” will be able to recall their connection with the most important events in the history of mankind and in their homeland.

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