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Laconic chains Classic watches Golden earrings Pendants, pendants and medallions Massive rings The bigger, the better For a long time, a combination of sports style and jewelry was considered absolutely unacceptable and even indecent.

Fortunately, in the era of sports chic, when luxury goes hand in hand with functionality and practicality, the combination of sweatshirt, gold and diamonds seems more than logical! We picked up several successful options that clearly demonstrate how to combine your favorite jewelry with sportswear this fall.

Laconic chains Graceful chains in a minimalist style quite expressively shade the simplicity of ordinary T-shirts, crop tops and sconces, adding femininity and logical completeness to an extremely concise silhouette.

Thanks to only one jewelry element, an openly sports outfit acquires a characteristic, modern sound.

Pandora 388283 12 990 p Calvin Klein KJ1WPN100100 12 010 p Krastztmet NC-12-200-0-60 74 870 p Classic watches Morning run and sports uniform-no reason to remove the classic Swiss watches and urgently acquire a smart option.

We offer to follow the legendary example of Princess Diana and combine elegant watches with bicycles, overSize-footballs and branded vintage sweatshots, which is now incredibly relevant.

Raymond Weil 1700-STS-00659 227 800 p ORIS 561-7718-43-73MB 154 570 p Norqain N1800S81A/SM18D/182S 251 850 p Golden earrings Perfect combo! Large gold earrings in the form of rings balances the sporty nature of the caps and baseball caps, adding relaxation and freedom.

This technique is especially useful during periods of bad weather, when a headdress helps to protect the face and hair from the rain, and the earrings will become a binder of a stylistic link between a cap and, for example, a coat of a classic cut.

Exclaim 036S2715E 2 240 p Swarovski 5618305 15 500 p Wanna? Be! E293-03 7 620 p Pendants, pendants and medallions All kinds of pendants, pendants and medallions, worn solo or in several rows, will complete the multi -layer image as well as possible with the participation of a voluminous hood with a hood.

The only condition is that jewelry should have a vivid character and strong personality so as not to get lost in the folds of rough fabric and the variety of textures.

Platina Jewelry 03-3145-00-401-111-03 16 520 p Kabarovsky 13-21415-6200 18 360 p Sokolov 3030157_S 16 920 p Massive rings Massive rings do not give up their positions, but on the contrary, they are strengthened in the eve of the autumn-winter season.

One of the reasons – nothing adorns and does not emphasize the sophistication of female hands as a combination of a long sleeve of a sweatshirt or sweater with an original composition of several large rings.

Pandora 180919cz 15 990 p Unode50 Ani0690Grsoro 11 490 p Calvin Klein Kj2gjr1001 5 720 p The bigger, the better Do not be afraid to overdo it.

Modern fashion not only allows, but also in every possible way approves the contrasting combination of a monochrome sports style with an abundance of gold jewelry of various shapes and sizes.

It is proposed to emphasize both on one group of products (for example, rings), and not to limit yourself in choosing, putting on everything beloved at once!

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