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Chung Yong Lin had the words: If you can only have had a table in a person’s life, certain that was the Rolex Day-Date (Day-Date).

Day-Date (hereinafter referred to as DD) was born in 1956, is the world’s first watch with a calendar window at the same time and the whole week writing displayed on the dial.

Since the date of birth, that is, it is the flagship of Rolex watches, precious metals only material available.

Not only that, DD is established Rolex brand positioning continues to this day, that is luxurious and practical for daily use tables (rarely intervene complex functions).

Legendary model If only dental circle section 36mm gold material, for example, in the nearly 65-year history, it has gone through a number of 6511-1803-18038-18238-118238-128238 models.

Of which the longest production time, it should be 1803, covering the whole late 50’s – late 70’s.

Especially in the peak period of mechanical watches in the 1970s, is equipped with 1556 Rolex 1803 movement made major contributions toward.

With unique design, precise and durable quality, consolidated a prominent position in the luxury Rolex daily table.

In 2020, Christie’s auction house will also be the 1803 models included in the top ten of concern Rolex antique columns of the table.

DD civilians In my limited experience buying Rolex, the favorite nor none other than 1803.

As a non-expert perfectionist, traders hoarding angle selection, 1803 is indeed a good start with Rolex.

Common needle surface, a slight processing 1803 in good condition is not uncommon, their advantages are: affordability, household can be interesting.

Old Man Awakening As for the kind words of 1803, Zhu Lei teacher may wish to lead the Old Man, I would shoot myself in the 1803 Junior Figure, by the way two broken language.

Old Day-Date and now has a very different feeling: unique turtle around the back plate is concave down, and not only has a curved face plate, pure flat plate have a different feel, more movement and can safely produce cards fixing, two nail plate surface after not like.

Old Day-Date face plate scale and the pointer does not seem so positive plate today, but there are several pointers, I am particularly fond of the word and the sword flies needle mix, mixed with a sense of the kind of sharp taste of alcohol is 50 years , really beautiful to not be copied.

I only 1803 article needle bar engraved, is special because the entire disk without luminous, unified configuration “black line.

” This seems to be a configuration began to appear in the 1803-70’s.

Old Day-Date are based on the acrylic glass, this glass can make the case design looks thinner, but it has the advantage of jade stones, not feeling the cold hand touch the sapphire glass, even in the face of strong drop impact or collision, will only produce a small crack rather than as sapphire glass and broken slammed.

There are a lot of teachers are engaged in repair prefer acrylic glass, because even if fragmentation will not generate a lot of debris into the movement, in most cases only need to replace the glass.

Acrylic table mirror predators not hit, but alcohol! I have a needle noodles before 1803, table mirror that is destroyed by alcohol wipe.

Remember, acrylic mirror will crack the case of alcohol.

Old Day-Date in the design also has the advantage that lasted until Ref.


Such lugs not only can resist all kinds of impact and scratch wounds less “visible”, and the side mirror file and sanding marks a wonderful contrast to a rough a delicate, very black and white feeling.

Old labor Complex Unfortunately, the 1803 model is hard to find a good chain of heads of state.

But then again, the old DD With Belt, has long been the default option collection industry.

Elegant feel of the players, most of them born with one pair of gold ear the same period, a 18k gold clasp, to complete the complex.

I like the experience of the 1803 review, forget ever read of a text, it is written like this: I remember about ten years ago, “Infernal Affairs 2”, Francis Ng at the police station off an aperture Day-Date Gold flour on the table until the pointer over 12:00, what comes next is the week of the conversion, and then he He said: “four years, Dad said, come out to mix, sooner or later have to repay!” It’s awesome.

Ten years later, I finally have an old installation Rolex Day-Date 1803 (1968 model year).

I do not know the preference of the antique table, or on the Rolex persistent, or is it to be able to see at a glance calendar week of hope, or is there a sense of the three-mediation after the first three of the 1556 movement needs to play, in short, all kinds of unexpected happenings under the influence, I get a 1803.

40 years of the table, worn on the hand, is not worn, actually more than a hint atmosphere, stable, stand the test of time.

Listening to her, “da da da da” sound, rather than the “crackling” sound of high frequency shock, heart can not say there is love.

Take the trouble to borrow Ask yourself, if only life had a table, I think there really is none other than non-Rolex DD; of which the most tempting, of course, 1803.

In the luxury watch spurt consumption today, I do not know talk once and for all is appropriate.

I think it depends on whether the buyer is really labor scholar.

Treat yourself to the results of blood and sweat, to devote himself to the cause of busy, in order to obtain stage “once and for all.

” As accessories plaything, chasing fresher, more popular labor should belong to the “new labor without any hesitation.

” Furthermore, the new informality in labor, it may “take the trouble to borrow.

” So watch Friends, you are what? END Text: Madox / FIG: Madox & Piggy References: 1.

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