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Among the works of art of watchmaking from the company Breguet watches Reine de Naples collection have always been a special poetry.

There is no doubt that this impression is due to the unique shape of the body, symbolizing the origin of life, but also because it is such a collection in which all the high-tech watches created exclusively for women.

In models Reine de Naples collection company Breguet for its artistic and mechanical art expresses its deep respect for women.

In the model, Reine de Naples Day / Night Breguet company has sought to show the magical dance of the Sun and the Moon, where they impulsively tend to each other.

To this end, the company has developed a patented mechanism with a unique display on the two dials – one for the display of traditional hours and minutes, and the other – to indicate the hours of the day and night with a special complexity.

To emphasize the gracefulness of the dance, the Breguet specialists used depicting the sky disc of lapis lazuli and inlaid clouds his white mother of pearl, gold stars and the moon, engraved titanium.

But the real star is the Sun, symbolic picture balancer faceted rim from which emanate rays of light.

As soon as the rocker performs its function, the Sun goes into its daily journey, passing under a steel bridge supporting the watch movement, met with the hour and minute hands and enters the zenith, standing face to face with the titanium Moon.

In decorative terms, this bizarre complication looks particularly charming thanks to the different types of finishes.

Arabic numerals displayed Breguet 24 hours, and on a separate dial Roman numerals – 12 hours.

Guilloche pattern flame symbolizes sunshine and pattern barley grain repeats along the circumference edge.

Dial flange and bezel adorned with 143 dazzling diamonds and the crown crowns cut diamond briolette.

The hour and minute hands are made from blued steel with open-tipped Breguet.

In addition, the masters of the company paid special attention to the mechanism of self-winding movement: through the sapphire glass case back, you can enjoy sunshine, engraved on the winding rotor.

To the body, water resistant to 30 meters, attached black satin strap with buckle-clip.

Technical specifications Article 8998BB / 11/874 D00D Housing made of 18-carat white gold.

The bezel and the flange 143 of the dial decorated with diamonds (about 1.

45 carat).

The crown is decorated with cut diamond briolette (about 0.

26 carats).

The rear housing cover is made of sapphire glass.

Dimensions: 40.

05 mm x 32 mm.

Waterproof: up to 3 bar (30 meters).

Dial 18-carat gold, silver plated with guilloche patterns flame and grain of barley.

The complication with an indication of the day and night, is located on the upper dial – Breguet balance beam symbolizes the sun, and the moon is engraved on the titanium disk.

Sun and Moon together make a complete revolution in 24 hours.

The hours and minutes are displayed on the lower dial.

Bear an individual number and signature «Breguet».

On a separate clock dial Roman numerals are applied and the display day-night – Arabic numerals Breguet.

Arrows «Breguet» polished steel.

Mechanical movement with automatic winding.

«BREGUET» numbered with the inscription.

Caliber 78CS, 9¾ x 13¼ lines, 45 stones.

Power reserve: 57 hours.

Straight-line Swiss anchor escapement.

The silicon balance spring.

oscillation frequency: 3.

5 Hz.

The mechanism adjusted to 6 positions.

Strap Satin strap buckle c-clip.

In addition, we propose a model with a pink gold case: Article 8998BR / 11/874 D00D https://luxwatch.ua/other_pictures/News/Breguet/03.05.13/Reine%20de%20Naples%20Jour-Nuit%208998BB_11_874%20D00D.jpg

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