Joy on the wrist: talk about fashionable women’s watches

NY2897 NY2901 & NY2902 NY2903 NY2873 Video review NY2898 Donna Karan always believed in the magic of details.

Probably, precisely because in the process of creating her watch, she treats each element of the watch composition with great attention, pursuing the desire to reveal the character of a successful woman from a new side.

Having emphasized practicality, in each collection, the designer, the line beyond the line reveals the features of the female personality, allowing the products, as if by the wave of a magic wand, to change and transform the appearance of his owner, depending on her desire or mood.

The impression makes not only the external, but also the internal equipment of the watch.

Under the bright and expressive design, the exact mechanism and high -quality assembly, which is responsible for which is Fossil, is responsible.

It was the reliability and functionality of designer watch products that became the basis of the Nolita monochrome collection, named after the area in Nizhny Manhattan.

We offer to consider in detail! NY2897 DKNY NY2897 16 190 p A subtle reading of the ideals of classic design with an emphasis on restrained minimalism.

The quartz mechanism is responsible for the high accuracy of the product, and for aesthetics – a rather relevant combination of cold steel glow with pink gold.

Compact dimensions are added to the product of universality, which allows the clock to organically adapt to other elements of the chosen image and style.

We are sure that the model will become a worthy replenishment of any hourly collection.

NY2901 & NY2902 DKNY NY2901 15 990 p DKNY NY2902 18 790 p The minimalist model in the silver version of the NY2901 meets the basic requirements of the modern woman for the wristwatch and impeccably fulfills the tasks set before her.

In addition, the case, decorated with the radiance of crystals, easily turns an hourly product into a self -sufficient decoration that can replace any other accessories within the framework of a daily image.

The clock has a restrained character, with a shade of always relevant elegance, which will never become obsolete.

The elegant model in the pink gold NY2902 at first glance makes the impression of an expensive jewelry.

The case inlaid with crystals has high strength, and the quartz type of mechanism is responsible for the accuracy of the course.

The clock can be an excellent basis for a multi -layer jewelry composition or to refresh the image of any complexity as the only decoration: thanks to the actual shade and elegant design, even the most strict, designed for the office, is easily revived for the watch.

NY2903 DKNY NY2903 18 790 p This representative of the monochrome collection feels a tangible vintage influence, with its tendency to combine two opposite shades of noble metals.

The radiance of crystals only enhances retro-sound, which is especially relevant within the framework of a strict, everyday-business image with an emphasis on increased practicality.

In addition to the style, the model has excellent functionality, for which a resident of the metropolis always has application! NY2873 DKNY NY2873 16 290 p The most laconic model of the collection, which can be a key element of any jewelry-hour combination.

A noble golden shade emphasizes perfectly selected proportions, and also adds a watch of versatility.

The quartz mechanism is responsible for the high accuracy and functionality of the product, and mineral glass is for strength! The model embodies the aesthetics of minimalism characteristic of Nolita and will be a great choice as everyday jewelry.

Video review NY2898 DKNY NY2898 9 590 p

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