Jing Yong wear what table?

In today’s showbiz, Shawn may not really be in the limelight of front-line star.

His friend Eddie, I am afraid much more than he sought.

But in the circle of the watch, you have heard of “Eddie” version Longines it? Be “Shawn” Edition Rolex is fame hehe.

Today at Uncle status in the eyes of the Friends of the table, simply has a Chinese version of “Paul Newman” was.

Widely known that Shawn has a lot of Rolex watches, antique table and many of them can be said to be a fan full of senior workers.

After peruse his Instagram and Twitter, I’m going to take stock of what Uncle Rolex watch.

Daytona Daytona # # Eddie in the photo, wearing a Shawn 14K gold 37.

5mm of a “Paul Newman” Daytona Ref.

6244 JPS.

In the photo with Miriam and Pang Ho-cheung ( “Puff” trilogy director), the Shawn wearing a steel is another material, “Paul Newman” Ref.



6241 about production in the period from 1965 to 1969, the year of production is very short, very early part of the Daytona models.

Compared with the preceding paragraph Ref.

6239, Ref.

6241 with black acrylic outer ring.

The so-called “Paul Newman” disc, in fact, a Swiss manufacturer of Singer to dial Rolex design of a dial called Exotic (meaning exotic), the yield Daytona that year carrying about this type of dial Daytona about 5% of total production, and later by the American star Paul Newman wearing this disk Daytona fame, its main features are: 1.

Small scale dial a straight line plus box style Arabic font with conventional Daytona different font, look more round flat coarse; 2.

Dial from two distinct color contrast composition of the dial to a color-minute small dial and the outer edge track to another color.

According to recent transaction records overseas auction, with the money value of gold material Ref.

6241 approximately RMB 300-350 million, and the value of the same paragraph Ref.

6241 stainless steel material is about RMB 120-150 million.

In addition Ref.

6241, Shawn there’s another steel “Paul Newman”, model Ref.


This type of production, working hours long, from the 1970s until the early 1980s.


6263 has a screw down push button, is a fully-fledged Oyster watch.

Shawn’s only Ref.

6263 from “OYSTER COSMOGRAPH” serif font view, should belong MK2 products.

By auction turnover record of view, the value of the same paragraph Ref.

6263 should be about RMB 3 million.

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona 116518LN, the official price of 214 700 In this 2017 photo early December Shawn married, Uncle wearing a gold case is Daytona rubber band to take 116518LN.

Gold Daytona this champagne dial with a small black dial to take, after gaining in there with “Shawn” another said.

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona 116500LN, the official price of 96,700 Uncle’re holding blacks (Chen states), one of the twin sons Feifei, exposed on the left wrist table is hard to find a table of “panda Di” 116500LN.

There was a Hong Kong fashion media evaluation Shawn is “what to wear fire”, it appears that claim.

# Submariner Submariner # Kelpie and the sea with the COMEX logo are sought after by collectors eager to popular antique table, each one are worth a lot of money.

Surprisingly, yes, Uncle COMEX Kelpie has only turned out to be very small number of Ref.

5513 (easily confused with Ref.


The end of 1971, Rolex and French professional diving companies COMEX officially began on ocean exploration project cooperation, Rolex diving watch provided free of charge to the company COMEX, COMEX company and share performance test data from underwater watch to Rolex.

A total of Rolex Submariner Ref.

5513 about 300 to COMEX.

The initial group of ordinary Ref.

5513, and later began offering Ref.

5513 with helium valve, most of which are only covered COMEX engraved words on the bottom, but not on the dial COMEX logo, which Ref.

5513 section called “Pre-COMEX”.

While the number Ref.

5513 with COMEX identified about only about 60, far less than the later Ref.


From the auction transaction record, the value should be around RMB 50-60 million.

Shawn scale that only Submariner with conventional versions, the subject of digital dial 3-6-9 when this is called “explorer” side, the Submariner watch is common in Ref.

6200, Ref.

6538 and Ref .


But the crown shoulder pad can only judge Uncle fact Ref.

5513, this particular disk used in the above Ref.

5513 is extremely rare.

Look under depth digital text underline there is a very short, well below the six o’clock position T <25 SWISS T <25 characters, which is a luminous material is displaced from the Rolex Ra marked in the transition period tritium , was able to produce this table is determined in the early 1960s year.

From the auction transaction record, worth about RMB 100-120 million.

# # 5513 Antique Kelpie Uncle when visiting a farm show in the antique table Ins show the two Ref.

5513 “explorer” surface, these two tables in the six o’clock position of the dial text only SWISS, and not underlined, is likely to belong earlier products.

This goes with the photo above on the same day, two tables are available to British military Rolex dive watch (Milsub), left for the A / 6538, on the right (probably) as Ref.


Late 1950s Rolex upgraded the bezel on the basis Ref.

6538, providing a small amount Ref.

A / 6538 to the Royal Navy.

Recognizing the dangers of radium later, in 1960, the Royal Navy to let the Department of Defense contractors Burford re-produced tritium luminous material for the dial, the T 369 with the subject of the disk came to be known as “Burford face.

” Early 1970s, Rolex has started to become a British military supplier, switch to the sword-shaped hands on the basis Ref.

5513, while also filling the T (tritium) logo on the dial.

The Rolex total for the British military around 1200 military diving watch (Milsub), earlier models still Ref.

5513, after a brief transition period becomes Ref.

5513 / 5517 (also available in two models on the case ), and finally Ref.


According to the auction house Ref.

5517 transaction records, about RMB 120-150 million.

Uncle show this “Big Crown” Ref.

6538 very rare, as only Tiffany Logo, but no Rolex Logo, should belong only Ref.

6538 Rolex and Tiffany initial collaboration products, approximately late 1950s .

At that time, Rolex Tiffany hoping to open up channels to market in the United States.

As the number of very small, I only found a well-known auction house sold records in late 2012 was $ 284,500, or about 1.

7 million yuan at that time, I am afraid that if today put more than doubled.

But only Ref.

6538 also likely to Uncle is taken when shopping second-hand watch shop photos, because in his Ins and microblogging, I have no second photo he held or worn found.

Shawn had worn a 18K gold Ref.

1680 in Tide brand Bape pictorial ads, this watch also belong to Shawn’s personal belongings.


1680 Water Monster is the first model with a small window convex lens, when the above rule in precious metals and materials Kelpie GMT, Rolex has been the extensive use of precious metal time scale, because this type of dial when the subject of dot shape, the name ” nipple Dial “(nipple surface).

Gold Ref.

1680 are more common in medieval table, the auction price of about 200,000 yuan.

Shawn also has a modified calendar had Submariner watch, to see the appearance should be Germany BLAKEN mine, below Submariner dial font is changed to a single line in red.

This model should be BLAKEN released in 2012 limited edition (limited edition 25), priced at 12,750 euros, at current average exchange rate of about RMB 106,000.

# Sea the Sea-Dweller # Shawn also has a number of pieces of the sea, which is one pair of red sea so Ref.

1665, published information saying it was his “first had only likes old table” on Ins from Shawn.


1665 the sea came in 1967, then part of Submariner series, as well as in line Submariner 2000 Sea-Dweller text font below, the initial release of the two product lines are printed in red font, and therefore is called ” double red “sea to make.

The initial sea water depth of 2,000 feet, or 610 meters.

Press the auction transaction records, ordinary two Red Sea so that the average transaction price of RMB 30 million.

Uncle often wearing a “white” in Ref.


1977年起, independent from the sea Submariner series, there are no “Submariner” font on the disk, the original “Sea-Dweller” red typography turned white, he won the “Big white” (white) said.

Shawn While this “white” font from the disk of view should belong Mk 1, belonging to the “white” of the early products, due to the large amount of surviving, the market value is about 100,000 yuan.

In addition to the COMEX Submariner, Shawn also a COMEX sea make Ref.


These sea delivered to the Rolex COMEX company during 1977 to 1981, amounting to approximately 300.

Dial from the details view, this Ref.

1665 is the original disk.

Because the original COMEX Sea conventional white dial with the same period there are many different, the most obvious is that: OYSTER PERPETUAL no later font DATE, and is water resistant to 600m, instead of the usual 610m.

According to the auction house to see the transaction record, only the sea COMEX market value Ref.

1665 about 60-80 million yuan.

Shawn also has a higher value than the COMEX of the sea – the Sea of ​​Oman customized version Ref.


Only watch was bought in 2016 Shawn for his birthday.

Oman’s Sultan Qaboos ibn current Saeed was young, he studied at the British Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, after serving in the British army.

After his return, because of its partial Western ideas not accepted his father suffered house arrest for six years.

July 1970, under British SAS special forces armed intervention, Qaboos forced the abdication of his father, the king, and renamed the Oman Sultanate of Oman.

In recognition of SAS in support of his coups and the suppression of the rebellion in the performance of the country, the Sultanate of Oman to customize a number of special sea to make Ref.

1665 Rolex, Rolex by the British dealer Asprey gift SAS members at that time in Oman (about 80 multiplayer).

These custom-make the most of the sea printed with this red Arabic machete pattern (Oman national emblem), the auction market value of about RMB 250-300 million.

# Milgauss # In addition to the popular Daytona and Water Monster, Shawn also a Milgauss Ref.

6451, the watch should belong to Shawn when to start earlier, in November 2011 the Ins Uncle had sent photos of the watch and issued a document called “still thinking abou it .






shit” (or thinking about it .







Rolex watch Milgauss released in 1956, which is a designed for researchers working in the electromagnetic environment and research and development tool table (Tool Watch), tested the European particle physics research center, can withstand 1000 Gauss magnetic field.

Uncle Milgauss this is only the first generation of products, unique shape and honeycomb dial needle lightning highly recognizable, the auction market price of about RMB 120-150 million.

# GMT GMT-Master # Uncle had had two Greenwich Ins show, respectively Ref.

1675 (on) and Ref.

16750 (under), two are black aluminum ring, rather than the more popular “Pepsi circle.

” In 1955, Rolex and Pan American World Airways jointly designed and launched Greenwich-type watch, designed for shuttling between the various time zones flight pilot design, GMT indicator-based Rolex second time zone first.

The first generation model Ref.

6542 bezel is made of resin material, easy to crack, upgraded Ref.

1675 aluminum ring in 1959, and it is the latter Ref.

16750 upgrade model, both available with Oyster bracelet or commemorative type strap.

Antique table in the market, the price of black bezel is slightly inferior to “Pepsi circle”, Ref.

1675 market price of approximately RMB 8-10 million, while Ref.

16750 about 5-7 million.

Doses labor Greenwich type Ⅱ 116710BLNR, the official price of 69 600 Shawn has also showed off over two 116710BLNR, commonly known as “Inter Circle”, a single map alone is difficult to judge whether these two tables in its possession.

116710BLNR now discontinued, the market has been pushed higher to 110,000.

This year the Rolex Basel 3285 published carrying strap movement and commemorate the type of new models 126,710.

This information is sent in 2016, Shawn birthday (November 23) a month ago, Uncle Six are between two tables second election tangle.

Of course, we already know the result, he eventually purchased a version of the Sea of ​​Oman so.

It was just the right UAE edition of Greenwich Ref.

1675, UAE is the United Arab Emirates (The United Arab Emirates) acronym.

In the six o’clock position of the dial printed with the emblem of the United Arab Emirates, Arabic meaning the right of the pattern is “Ministry of Defense”, which belongs to the 1970s, the United Arab Emirates Government gave the country’s military service members designated gifts.

Basic ordinary “Pepsi circle” UAE Edition Ref.

1675 auction prices are more than 10 million Swiss francs, this table is more rare pure blue bezel, called “blueberries circle”, worth more to double, about RMB 150-200 million.

# Explorer Ⅱ Explorer Ⅱ # Rolex explorer Ⅱ 216570, the official price of 63100 In April 2012 the Ins, Shawn drying out of a flour explorer Ⅱ photos 216 570, and also asked “the new good or older?.

” That’s “new”, that is, should the figure of 216,570, the model was launched in 2011 BaselWorld, compared to “old” 16570, watch diameter increased from 40mm to 42mm, while upgrading the clasp.

Rolex explorer Ⅱ is introduced in 1971 specifically for Polar and cave explorers designed by professional watches, orange GMT pointer is used to help people distinguish between night and day expedition in the Arctic and caves.

# # Zhang Zhiming Shawn played in “Love in a Puff” trilogy had a boy grow up – Zhang Zhiming, in the third “Love save Zhiming” in Victor spent 95,000 bought a place called “Dali” of bored ornaments, blamed the results on the spot by Love: Love: How do you find so much money? Victor: I made a bonus Love: There are so many? Victor: fifty thousand .






Love: the rest of it? Zhiming (innocent look): credit card Love (heavy sigh): Mr.

Zhang, I know that your money is earned by themselves, but you do not spend money to buy some useless stuff, okay? You see the house full of useless stuff .






Why do I say this movie Shawn acting so well, that he is his own speech.

-END- Author: @ Alex Submariner Media watch “wrist gravitational” founder Watch retail industry for many years practitioners Public number: gravitational wrist

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