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Friends, welcome to Samara – a glorious city on the Volga, where historical views and unusual sights are waiting for their guests! Let’s start our tour with the location that every tourist sees the first on arrival – railway station.

This is not a typical Soviet -type building, but a real futuristic complex of glass and metal with a height of 15 floors.

The locals are joking that the elongated round building with a spherical roof looks like a Bender’s head from the cartoon “Futurama” – the similarity is really amazing! From the station we offer to reach Pedestrian Leningradskaya Street.

This is an amazing place – it seems as if the street has froze in time, and you are a thing of the past.

A strict direct sidewalk leads past cafes and shops, fountains and monuments – there are enough backgrounds for cool memorable photos.

Street musicians will only add a touch of romance to this walk.

How about giant attractions? We will find the largest area throughout Europe – more red in Moscow or Palace in St.

Petersburg – Kuibyshev Square.

This place for walking serves as a platform for skaters on weekdays, and on weekends or holidays, festivals and concerts are arranged here.

Do not forget to make a selfie as a keepsake! The building of the Academic Opera and Ballet Theater is located here-it was built in 1932.

During the Great Patriotic War, the Bolshoi Theater of the USSR moved here – then D.


Shostakovich first performed the seventh symphony here.

Today, the theater hosts the classic ballet festivals – it will be great if we can get to the performance.

We move on to the unusual part of the walk – there were no such locations in any city Alltime.

These are the underground bunkers of Kalinin, Stalin, Beria and another 45 kilometers of Soksky adults and caves.

True, for tourists, the entrance is discovered only to Stalin’s bunkers and Azvo – the atmosphere of these places can not be compared with any other museum or observation deck.

Well, it’s time to move to the classic point of any city on the river – to the embankment! On the way, let’s look at the local Alltime salon on Kuibyshev Street to relax from the bustle of the city and slowly choose something in memory of the trip to Samara.

Ready? Let’s move on! On the embankment of the Volga River is always crowded, because this is the pearl of the city.

The length of the embankment is almost 5 kilometers of walking areas and beaches.

The sailing fountain is installed here, in which 620 jets are beaten – by the number of Jung who died during the Great Patriotic War.

An unusual monument of glory also rises above the embankment-a high column, on the top of which a person holds the “wings” was installed in the 1980s.

Locals consider the monument to be an official visit of the city – this composition looks so majestic.

It is not necessary to take pictures here, the main thing is to see the monument with your own eyes.

Having passed along the banks of the river, we will get to the statue of the “Rook” – white -stone, proudly towering above the bend of the Volga.

Many noticed a symbol of such a rook on the domestic cars “Lada”, whose homeland in neighboring Togliatti.

Well, were breathing in river air? Let’s go on! Moreover, we went: we need Gagarin Park, which is located in the distance from the embankment.

Today it is a big walking area with entertainment, so get ready to have fun! You are waiting for boats for rent, cardodrome, horse riding and even a trip on the Ferris wheel with a height of 55 meters – from here a gorgeous panorama opens to Samara.

The wheel itself is buried in greenery, so it seems that you are in the middle of the forest.

At the end of the day, you can look at the “bottom” – a popular place in the city where they produce and sell Zhigulevsky beer.

A cozy town reigns here – a view of the Volga, the beach, moored boats, the old women sell Volga fish exorges.

You can sit on the beach, admire the sunset and enjoy impressions of visiting interesting Samara locations.

Before parting, we will advise several places for lovers of relaxing outside the city.

You should visit the Zhigulevsky mountains, the village of Shiryaevo, Samara Luka and Tsarev Kurgan.

In addition to dizzying beauty, some of these places attract a variety of anomalies due to geological faults of the earth’s crust.

In general, there is a vacation in Samara for everyone – for lovers of underground secrets, for classic tourists and even for those who believe in mysticism and want to tickle nerves.

Come for a visit!

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