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Really original gifts to a woman for 55 years That an inexpensive woman can be presented to a woman for a 55th anniversary Gifts-impressions Jewelry: One of the best ideas Bad ideas for gifts How to choose gifts correctly For 55 years, a woman is given such gifts that can remind her that she is still young and beautiful, and that she is very much appreciated.

Really original gifts to a woman for 55 years For 55 years, a woman can be presented: Service for serving the festive table.

It can include salad bowls of an unusual shape; bedding set.

It is advisable to choose such sets where the sheet has an elastic band: this will allow the bed faster; A set of natural care cosmetics.

In this case, you should know the type of skin and hair of a woman, as well as her preferences; Electronic “reader”.

If a woman is indifferent to technology, you can give her an ordinary book (while you should also focus on her tastes); Robot permutal; coffee machine; Multicap.

Such a technique will help a woman quickly cope with her responsibilities in the kitchen.

It is desirable that the model has the functions of the timer; Hydromassage foot bath.

It is intended for the bubble massage procedure, which stimulates blood flow and relieves fatigue.

In the most modern models there is a function of controlling the temperature of water, vibration massage and rollers for mechanical massage.

If a woman is still working in the office, you can give her a beautiful pen.

A good gift will be an organizer for paper with a built -in battery.

You can also choose an interesting, high -quality written set.

If the culprit of the celebration loves outdoor activities and often leaves the city, she can give her a “tourist set”: a good tent (1-2-seater), a backpack and a sleeping bag.

A person who is fascinated by extreme sports (climbing, parachute jumping) can be presented with high -quality equipment or (and) equipment.

A woman who loves sport can please a home simulator.

You can make a more modest gift – for example, a subscription to the pool/on yoga/pilates/in the gym, massage hoop, fitball or a stick for Scandinavian walking.

A good gift will be a trip on the hippodrome or on the karting.

If a woman is an active fan, you can give her a ticket for a match.

A wonderful gift for a person who loves the Earth will be seedlings of unusual plants.

If a person has a summer cottage, you can give him a decorative fountain or original garden furniture.

More modest options: hammock, chair, interesting decor for the personal territory.

A good gift will be a mobile electric fireplace.

This is a wonderful heat heater equipped with “special effects” (each model has its own).

The plus of such a gift is that it can be used not only in the country.

A needlewoman can be presented with a picture on a family picture, any other sets for creativity.

If a woman draws, she will probably be delighted with high -quality paints or colored pencils.

A lover of knitting can appreciate a book with new and interesting schemes, and a set of yarn.

Also, a woman who is fond of needlework can be given a set for patchwork: this will allow her to engage in “patchwork” for her pleasure.

If a woman rarely leaves the house, you can give her a picture by numbers.

Work on such a picture has a therapeutic effect.

The kit includes a drawn canvas, paints and brushes.

No special skills are required for this.

If the culprit of the celebration is gushing ideas, she will probably be delighted for a set for making soft toys.

The manufacture of soft toys also has a therapeutic effect and promotes dopamine.

It will be appropriate to give a set of eco -leather covers, a parking system, a subscription to a car wash, or a rear view chamber.

A woman who loves cooking will be glad of high -quality kitchen belongings or a new culinary book with interesting recipes.

If the hero of the occasion is not fond of and leads a passive lifestyle, you can give her a ticket to the theater/opera/ballet/cinema, or a gift certificate for clothes/cosmetics.

That an inexpensive woman can be presented to a woman for a 55th anniversary If the donor is limited in funds, he should look at the bright umbrellas: maybe one of them will like the hero of the occasion? It will not be superfluous to give an organizer for household items or for a car.

If a woman is still working, you can present her with a name diary.

A good gift to a loved one will be a coffee service.

If a woman collects something, you can give her a beautiful album.

You can also give a woman 55 years old for the anniversary: A set of registered towels.

They can have a different size, and be packed in a beautiful gift package; A spacious sock bag every day.

It is advisable to look at high -quality fabric bags, or at leatherette products; jewelry holder.

You can choose the product of the original shape, which at the same time easily fits into the interior; painted vase for flowers; set of kitchen appliances; Copper Turku.

If a woman lives alone and does not often receive guests, you should look at small Turks.

Otherwise, it will be appropriate to give a large model up to 850 ml; Stayler.

This device, which is a hybrid of a hairdryer, ironing and curling iron, will help to easily manage naughty hair and experiment with a hairstyle.

When choosing a device, you should pay attention to how aggressively it affects the hair.

You can also give a woman a set for creativity, a rare recording of a play/opera/ballet, or some antique item.

Gifts-impressions For a birthday to a woman (55 years old), you can give the following gifts-impressions: A ticket to the sanatorium, or a trip abroad.

The country should be chosen by the tastes of the hero of the occasion, and not on the principle of “Everyone loves to rest in Egypt/Turkey/Thailand”; Bathing in the pool with dolphins.

This has a therapeutic effect and contributes to the emergence of new emotions; Quest ticket.

Participation in the game will help a woman not only get pleasant impressions, but also show mind and ingenuity; alloy on the mountain river; Full massage course.

Massage can be either therapeutic or relaxing; Subscription for any courses (by drawing on sand/on water, on pottery); Certificate for an interesting master class.

Here you should focus on the hobbies and interests of a woman: sports and active you can give a certificate for a workshop on dancing, a calm, passionate culinary will appeal to a certificate for a master class of a famous chef; Rest in the spa.

It is desirable that it includes a set of procedures; Subscription to immersion with scuba gear.

Such a gift should be done if a person has no heart problems or vessels; Cash tree with real bills on twigs.

If a woman is a good familiar donor, you can present her with an edible basket.

She can be any – sweet, cheese, sausage.

Some edible baskets often have good wine.

If a woman is an extrovert, has a good sense of humor and loves to have fun, for her you can order an original humorous congratulation on the animator.

After the entire program, he will give the culprit of the celebration a funny cake.

The main thing is to do without vulgar and rude jokes.

The holder of a melancholic nature will probably appeal to the photo field.

It can be given along with pillows with family photos.

If a person is a chaeman/coffee machine, a good gift will be a set of glasses with engraving.

The glasses can have an unusual shape.

Engraving is performed to order, an experienced master.

A sweet tooth will be glad to set cakes or a box with Belgian chocolate of various shapes.

A good addition to a sweet gift will be a bottle of champagne or good wine.

If the donor is constrained in the means, he can record a song for the culprit of the occasion, or mount a video dedicated to her.

You can also give a woman a portrait created from small photos collected from the family archive.

Jewelry: One of the best ideas At 55, a woman can afford almost any jewelry, except for too youth and too “grandmother”.

As a gift, you should choose a solid jewelry of precious metals.

For example, earrings can be made of platinum or gold.

Particular preference should be given to yellow gold products: this metal gives the image of softness and at the same time emphasizes status.

The same requirements relate to stones: a good birthday gift will be an elegant gold frame.

Recommended inserts: diamonds, cubic zones, topazes, zircons, tourmalines.

Sokolov 727977_S 10 050 p Sokolov 83020175_S 3 280 p Wanna? Be! E267-11 10 930 p Rings and earrings with an elegant pattern are suitable for adults.

The suitable diameter is medium.

To help the culprit of the celebration to create a special image, it is recommended to pay attention to diamond earrings-cloves and a pearl necklace.

To emphasize the elegance of the hands, you should choose multi -layer bracelets as a gift.

You need to choose a jewelry so that the shape and size of the jewelry is in harmony with the parameters of a woman.

An unmistakable option is exquisite multi -row jewelry that hides age -related imperfections of the neck.

Pokrovsky 1100536-10205 1 310 p Dewi 901011446-DV 4 170 p Unode50 Ani0587azumtl 7 690 p Bad ideas for gifts Do not give: clock.

It is believed that such a gift resembles a person whose most of the life is already behind, about the speed of time; mirror.

In the house of a woman, a woman has mirrors, and she can perceive such a gift as a stem; animals (if the heroine of the celebration did not ask for this).

Not all women (even lonely) love four -legged.

You should be careful with gadgets: not all people at this age love them and know how to use them.

How to choose gifts correctly If the donor is poorly familiar with the hero of the occasion, it will be appropriate to give her some universal gift.

For example, it can be a gift certificate or an edible basket.

When choosing a gift, you need to focus not so much on age as on personal preferences and on character characteristics: if a woman leads an active lifestyle, she should not give her a set for knitting.

And vice versa, if a woman has excess weight and she sees an inactive lifestyle, you should not present her a subscription to the gym: at best, she will transfer it to someone, and at worst it will be seriously offended.

It is not necessary to assume that all the strict conservatives in the soul a little “Lyudmila Prokofievna”: they are unlikely to be delighted with a comic surprise, and it would be better to give them something elegant, classic.

If a woman has a wonderful self -irony and a magnificent sense of humor, she can be presented with a funny gift.

And, of course, preparing for the celebration, you should beautifully pack the gift and come up with an original congratulation.

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