Jacques Lemans takes an interview with Kevin Coster

Jacques Lemans interview with Kevin Coster

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Jacques Lemans takes an interview with Kevin Coster
The actor spoke about cooperation with brand and new projects
Jacques Lemans submitted an exclusive interview with his envoy Kevin Kostner. In conversation, not only the topic of cooperation with the watch brand is affected: the actor told what he was doing in his free time and what he thinks about his coming anniversary.
How started your partnership with Jacques Lemans?
We met at the World Skiing Championships in the Austrian city of Schladming. At first I did not imagine who they are, and what are their intentions. I found myself in Schladming only because my group performed there. However, over time, we better learned each other, friendly relations arose, which later led to working together.
Why did you decide to cooperate with the Austrian watch manufacturer?
For over 40 years, Jacques Lemans manufactures high quality hours at a reasonable price. Their watch is represented in more than 120 countries. I really like how Alfred and Andrea are doing business. In addition, for them a family is great value. Their choice is to create hours that would be available all over the world. Not everyone should carry a watch for $ 1,000 on her hand, however, they found a way to make their watch no less elegant. They are available for someone who wants to make delivered purchases. I like the idea that everyone can have such a clock.
What is important for you in matters of the appearance of hours and their practicality? What are your ideas incarnation in the design of the Kevin Costner clock collection from Jacques Lemans?
My approach is very simple. I have five hours that I can change depending on the situation. We were focused on this, creating Jacques Lemans watch. As for the design, I just wanted to be combined with my style of life. I spend most of the time outside the Hollywood in the fresh air, so the clock must match. When I’m in a suit, I need only three types of hours: on a light brown leather strap, steel and black. I just combine them with the color of the costume, which will go on me.
Our life is running faster and faster – we constantly feel the shortage of time. What do you think about the meaning of expressions “do not rush!” Or “not hurry!” in modern world?
We all know the expressions that teach us hard to work, to do everything on time, contain a family, to start your business, develop it or go to school. The main thing is to be collected. Much depends on how you distribute your time. We just have it too much, and we must combine much and interact as much as possible. The clock play in this big role. This is a silent assistant who will show if you are not late if you have time left. This is generally quite interesting: the relationship between the clock and their owner.
What are the key points of your partnership with jacques lemans?
First, I am an international marketing partner of the company and the Ambassador of the brand Jacques Lemans. When my group “Modern West” and I protrude on stage, we all wear JL watches, just because they are cool, fun and look good – as, however, we. In addition, JL opened a new distribution company in the United States, in which I am also a business partner. Tempered, we want to succeed in the US market. I wear jacques lemans watches in ordinary life. I do not wear them on the stage when I play the guitar. The rest in the group are worn, and I am not. I am developing the Jacques Lemans brand in the USA, and the process of forming plans occurs daily.
Are you with the family of Rydle (owners of Jacques Lemans) connect exclusively business relationships?
Of course not. Alfred and I am united by a very important point – despite our long success, we do not get in heaven and we maintain our personal values. And we have common interests. Over time, our joint work has grown into friendship. Andrea and Alfred Ridle recently came to my family, in Santa Barbara. We had a great time and going to somehow apply a retaliatory visit to Austria.
In your film “Black and White” Jacques Lemans watch on your hand play a significant role.
Yes, this is the case – Jacques Lemans is not just a film sponsor, she provided an actor to the main role: beautiful golden clock on a brown leather strap (KC-103B), which also come into my collection. I wear them throughout the painting. Even in the scene under water, this watch demonstrated their special qualities.
What value for you personally has a movie “Black and white”?
Black and white is a reflection of my creative developments, and everything that I am generally creating pictures. “Black and White” delicately affects the theme of racism, which prevails in very many countries. I try to make different films: Action, comedy adventure, even political. But sometimes movies, such as Black and White, can help bring the problem to discuss, take a step forward in the discussion of the problem, can disclose the way to discuss it.
What personality qualities are most important for you? Time? Health?
For me, it is very important how I manage the second half of my life. Be able to do and see, and comprehend so many things that I have never dreamed before. Life for me was a real miracle, so the way I live now, how I care about my health, is of great importance for me. It is very important for me to remain strong and active, for my children. It is important to take part in life with them.
What do you usually do, spending time with your family?
The time in my family passes quite usually, you can imagine that, raising three children, my wife and I get up early. When I am at home, I myself take the children to school and take away from there, giving my wife the opportunity to relax. I diligently play with children, we are all the time in the air. Sometimes we play too diligently, and Christina is forced to stop the game when they themselves move to the house. With children 4, 5 and 7 years old life in my house is full of laughter, tears and homework. Simply put, our house is full of life, all children and parents will understand me.
What else plays an important role in your life, in addition to the family?
After a family, friends play an important role for me.
Heavy work is the key to success. Do you agree?
There is no big secret in how to achieve success, if, of course you are not lucky or not all inherited. Everything requires hard work. Get up early and late to go around. You will be lucky if you find something that you can love, and it will be easier for you to withstand such a pace of life and permanent departures.
Why are you striving now, already achieving success in such many areas and projects?
I think I will shoot movies. I have to try to shoot a film that will be something big than just entertainment. Not all films will be so, because I love and just entertaining movie. I love disasters and all that is so different. Sometimes the film can touch the soul. Sometimes a movie can change your thoughts. And I always like it when something is capable of changing me a little. I don’t care what it will be: a meeting with a person, read the book, and I feel: Oh, it changed me a little. I love when this happens.
Can you tell about your favorite role or project? And what gives you the greatest pleasure today?
Yes, I was very lucky. I had the opportunity to do what I wanted or tried to do. I achieved success, which was recognized worldwide. I don’t need anything more, but for me life has not ended. Some ask me: “Why don’t you retire?” Why should I retire? I still like to play. But what is especially important, work in the movie is not the only thing that is in my life. Music is not the only thing that is in my life. My interests in life are much wider.
Tell us about your existing projects.
I am engaged in different things. One of my painting will be released in autumn / winter. It is called “black and white”, and I am involved in the Roman’s project, which will be released next year. I am not a novelist, but I am part of this exciting project. I think it will be in the spirit of Jules Verne – exciting and fascinating.
If you had to choose between work in a movie and a musical career, how would you make a choice?
I could not make a choice. I could never make a decision in favor of one or another. I like both directions, it is this forms my individuality.
Kevin, can you be called a happy person?
I consider myself anyway. I was given a very happy life. Not everything went smoothly, but now I have achieved that I could not dream about. I have seven beautiful children, I love my wife and my work. I do not complain about and I am really lucky – happy husband, father and yes, I am a happy man!
You will soon turn 60 – you calmly treat it?
And what else can I do – of course, I’m calm. I still can not change it!

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