Luxury Watch Series Brilliant Flying Tourbillon from Jacob & Co

jacob and co flying tourbillon

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Luxury Watch Series Brilliant Flying Tourbillon from Jacob & Co
Tourbillon surrounded by diamonds, rubies and sapphires
One of the brightest news of last year from the Jacob & Co brand has become a series of Brilliant Flying Tourbillon clocks, in which the soaring tourbillon appeared in the frame of precious stones. The clock is equipped with a JACOB & CO JCBM01 gauge with a manual 206 elements factory. The mechanism with a minute turbiumon has a 100-hour stroke stock. The housing with a diameter of 47 mm and a height of 14.65 mm in different versions is made of pink or white gold. The drawing of the flagship model of the collection is decorated with 160 multi-colored sapphires and diamonds. 205 sapphires and diamonds were used to decorate the housing.
Fans of expressive red color will like the model decorated with 205 rubies of the baguette shape. Another 15 stones are used to decorate the clockwork head.
The collections also present models with pink, orange or blue sapphires and watches littered with white diamonds.

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