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The company A.

Lange & Sohne reaffirms the status of innovator in the watch world, patented mechanism of new watches Cabaret Tourbillon, which is adjacent to the first tourbillon mechanism stopwatch.

For the first time in more than two centuries of this invention – it is extremely necessary to achieve the accuracy of the time in a pocket watch and a stylish and fashionable sophistication today – His Majesty the tourbillon mechanism is subject to the stopwatch.

Actually, this is an obvious idea and worried engineers recently.

However, to solve a difficult problem was not immediately apparent, since it was necessary to find a way to instantly stop the balance wheel, enclosed in a cage of the tourbillon.

The traditional method of stopping the carriage that can not be achieved: the balance wheel braking is gradual, and if it stops, you will need to run it again.

You must keep it a potential energy for later start immediately.

It was therefore decided to intervene in the cell itself and the tourbillon empirical method to choose an asymmetric V-shaped locking spring, which engages the outer rim of the tourbillon cage and stops it.

Actually, this innovation served as the object of patents.

The unusual geometry ensures optimal pressure detent springs on the balance wheel in all possible positions.

The model Cabaret Tourbillon hidden and invisible to the eye innovation.

So, two mainspring barrels a new mechanism with manual winding provides a power reserve of five days, or 120 hours.

Pointer power reserve is set to 4:00.

And upstairs in the 12 o’clock – traditional for A.

Lange & Sonne large window date, it is visually balances the tourbillon movement which can be admired in the bottom of the dial.

The mechanism is designed and decorated in the best traditions of the highest quality standards of the brand, a luxury three-quarter platinum finish of nickel silver highlighted by six screwed gold chatons, and three bezel mounted on a hand-engraved intermediate wheel and tourbillon bridge and its polished bridge on the dial side.

balance wheel spindle mounted in bearing diamond stones that complement mechanism 45 artificial rubies.

All this splendor lies in the rectangular case in platinum or pink gold the size of 29,5×39,2 mm.


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