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Cartier d’amour Tiffany & Co Etoile Five-Row Band Ring Graff Heart Shape Diamond Wedding Band Van Cleef & Arpels Romance Wedding Band De Beers Classic Baguette-Cut Eternity Band in Platinum The incredibly popular and always relevant genre of wedding jewelry every season is replenished with real works of jewelry, but something remains unchanged.

The “very” engagement rings that have firmly settled at the head of the most secret desires of women around the world and for a year, or even a decade, have been wearing cult status.

We present them to your attention and strongly recommend adding to Wishlist: suddenly this desire is destined to come true! Cartier d’amour The classic symbol of eternal love, born as a result of rethinking the model of the 1938 ring.

The laconic, but not devoid of elegance strip of platinum 950 samples is decorated only with internal engraving, made by an individual order.

This allows you to wear a ring without removing and easily combining with any other jewelry of your jewelry collection.

Approximate cost: 156,000 r.

Special offer 01O020165 12 030 p Graf R-1-1-1BR/BK Koltsov 18 760 p Imperial T1096-400 26 740 p Tiffany & Co Etoile Five-Row Band Ring Pure luxury! A five -row platinum ring with round diamonds in the consolidation of PAVA has perfect jewelry proportions and is characterized by incredible skill, reflected in the skillful cut of each stone.

Definitely, this is the wedding decoration, which you want to dream of and with pleasure to imagine on your ring finger long before the appointed celebration! Approximate cost: 1 914,000 r Graff Heart Shape Diamond Wedding Band The pride of the British Empire, Lawrence Graff, working with precious stones of exceptional sizes and characteristics, easily turned the engagement ring into a real work of art.

It is difficult to choose another definition of an elegant platinum tape, decorated with elegant bends of perfectly proportional diamonds in the shape of a heart.

We are sure that you can admire them, like enjoy love! Approximate cost: 5 563,000 r Alcor 13948-200 74 490 p Swarovski 5572825 14 500 p Imperial T1088ZH/PT-420 154 450 p Van Cleef & Arpels Romance Wedding Band It is not surprising that a jewelry house, created by a couple in love who devoted his life to jewelry, speaks of this feeling almost every decoration.

The exception is no diamond romance romance, the expressive lines of which display the purity of love bonds, and the brilliance of precious stones is their sparkling harmony.

Approximate cost – 359,000 r Sokolov 1011396-3_S 13 690 p Swarovski 1121067 5 650 p Imperial T1102-420 33 860 p De Beers Classic Baguette-Cut Eternity Band in Platinum Over more than 130 years of existence, the legendary British brand, which has turned diamonds from the belief of the richest people of the planet into the most welcome gift of every woman, created an incredible amount of jewelry of rare beauty.

Nevertheless, their classic engagement ring made of platinum and diamonds of the Baget cut does not leave indifferent brides throughout the world and at all times.

We agree with the slogan of the company, diamonds are forever! Approximate cost: 1,350,000 r Sokolov 1012169-3_S 38 140 p Artauro 1728-1/1_au 88 500 p Swarovski 5572699 14 500 p

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