Franc Vila: Infinity Sign

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Franc Vila: Infinity Sign
Lisa Epifanova
“My clock is me,” the young Spaniard Frank Vila, the founder of the same time brand, is proudly following Louis XIV. Watchmaker, entrepreneur, philosopher, designer and basic education – biochemist, he at some point in his life threw a calm career to create such hours that no one had previously done. He himself came up with the shape of the housing in the form of an inverted eight, which was called EscPit Unique, that is, a “unique image”. Called indiscreet. So and the watch Franc Vila is not for shye.
Hour biochemistry
Franc Vila has been founded on the wave of the popularity of classical mechanics in 2004. And the young author of the concept took advantage of all the advantages of the “hourly boom” to immediately imagine a new brand of power. He immediately refused to be completely simple, basic hours, leaving the topic to traditional manufacturers. The Franc Vila collection is divided into two types: just complication (complication) and large modern complications (Montre Contemporaine Grand Complication). Naturally, the first model of the brand was the most difficult clock, which at that time could submit collectors and connoisseurs of status mechanics, – planetary tourbillon. Frank Vila has designed and controlled the entire process of creating a FVA caliber No. 1 Planetary Tourbillon. The following bestseller (preserving this status and today) has become the FVA9 model equipped with a FV9 manufactory caliber, which, in addition to an indication of hours, minutes and seconds, is also supplemented by a day indication module, dates and phases of the moon. Of course, it is necessary to get used to such an intensive “information panel”, however, the separation on the contrasting indication is visually very convenient and does not cause the feeling that the clock is overloaded.
Franc Vila Cobra Suspended Skeleton
Engineering and biochemical education helped the master, perfectly understood the properties of materials, experiment with various alloys and polymers, achieving efficiency and exceptional aesthetic qualities. It is enough to remember that in 2008 it was Frank Vila who presented one of the first totally ultrafine hours, asking the whole trend in the hour fashion – it was the famous EL Bandido series, which included Turbium, chronograph with a phase of the moon and an eternal calendar. Due to the combination of various surfaces: Titanium with black PVD, carbon and acrylic – Frank Vila has achieved exceptional readability of the dial only due to the invoice, not colors. The clock was exposed exclusively uncompromising – on the lunar calendar Franc Vila was not a single asterisk!
Franc Vila Intrepido Montre Contemporaine Grand Complication Tourbillon Reveil Manufacture
After the clock with carbon and titan began to make all advanced, Franc Vila was again in the forefront of watch science again, submitting the EVO concept with elements from Texalium. This material was first tested in the automotive industry for the manufacture of racing chambers and is fiberglass covered with aluminum spraying. The thin layer of aluminum gives the surface ideal reflectivity, and in addition, it allows you to give almost any bright shade – from blue to cheerful orange.
Texalium covered sidewalls Franc Vila Cobra Manual Suspended Skeleton. The polymer surface and rubber strap with a car tread pattern protrude with a harmonious frame for a high-tech skeleton of FV 18e caliber, fully assembled and hand-processed. Bridges with sandblasting grinding are covered with rhodium and partially black PVD.
Never classic mechanics, especially skeleton with a manual plant, did not resemble as a strong racing car.
Carbon tourbillon
Even more this definition refers to the most difficult collection model – Intrepido Montre Contemporaine Grand Complication Tourbillon Reveil Manufacture. The long name is hidden conceptual caliber FVN81 with a manual plant, a stroke of 43 hours, equipped with a turbium and alarm clock. The ultrafine housing from titanium with PVD-coating is impressive with its dimensions of 55×42 mm and 18 mm in height. But at the same time, thanks to the streamlined multi-level form, ESPRIT UNIQUE is perfectly sitting on any hand.
Franc Vila Complication CHRONOGRAPH FVA9
Even many successful girls are resolved to declare themselves, Nadya Culgered carbon chronograph Franc Vila, although specially for elegant female wrist designer came up with a more elegant and miniature version of Esprit Unique. Thoughtful exclusivity is present in every detail of Franc Vila watch. Even the release limit matters. All models are created by limited series of 8, 48 or 88 copies depending on the complexity of execution.
Complex, bold, luxurious, innovative and unique, Franc Vila watches are found at first glance. Maybe “Eight” is a happy symbol only in oriental culture, but at a certain angle it is also a sign of infinity. Watch Franc Vila is a mechanic created by the philosopher.

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