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If you do not enter a dream for those sites that you find in the shop windows of jewelers, it does not have to be you.

As with many other things, there are at diamond jewelry both timeless models, as well as modern interpretations.

If neither is one nor the other your consent: Have you thought before about how tempting it would be if you could say this jewelery I have designed myself and for my own personal ideas can be manufactured? The configurator for quality diamond jewelry we offer you the opportunity to design your own personal piece of jewelry itself and can be manufactured by us.

You simply select the gold alloy you prefer and opt for one of several variants in different versions.

Now we have only to select the appropriate for you in the size and quality diamonds, and you have created for themselves a piece of jewelry that matches exactly your own terms.

Rings, earrings and pendants: Anything is possible You can either compile a finger ring with diamond as a solitaire earrings with diamonds or a pendant for a necklace with diamond for your own personal taste.

This is possible in all price more than you would perhaps imagine.

An experiment with the watch.

de configurator for your individual diamond jewelry is always worth: Here you need not compromise to take more and get exactly the jewelry with precious diamonds as you create to himself.

You need to determine your personal favorite only in the huge selection of hand-crafted precision and hand-made versions.

Whether this is made of yellow gold, white gold or rose gold and is the basis for your ring, earrings or pendants, you decide for yourself.

You might make even a whole collection that perfectly suits you.

The diamonds with which the jewelery is then crowned, also looking out from our wide range.

So everything works very simply: First, select your desired version of the ring, the earrings or the trailer.

Then opt for the alloy that meets your needs.

If you want to make a ring, specify the ring size you need.

Next, you simply select the diamond that you like.

Everything is then your own personal piece of jewelry together.

You just need to “buy” – button to press you to order it and we can deliver it to you.

If you have any questions about the selections you choice, or expert advice want, then please contact our service by phone or e-mail to the side.

Simply select the +49 07 11 93 30 89-0 or send us your inquiry to info@watch.


If you want to buy a whole piece of jewelry, but only individual diamonds, you can also with us.

then simply choose the “Investment” section watch.

de on the page and pick out your desired gems from.

With us, your jewelry dreams come true: We can customize every piece of jewelry for you, which can be implemented technically.

Just ask us.

Make as your unique personal piece of jewelry! GET STARTED NOW!

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