Ideal combinations: what wines are suitable for your watch

Stunning mix – ultramodern carbon and red gold.

And this amazing combination is seasoned with a complex open mechanism with a soaring turbion.

This is the new model of Admiral 45 Automatic OpenWorned Flying Tourbillon Carbon & Gold, which Corum brand demonstrated at the online largest hourly exhibition of the year.

In this watch, Corum uses the well -familiar design to its fans.

The brand introduced the Admiral’s CUP collection back in 1960 and has since remained faithful to 12-angle Baily and signaling flags, which are usually used to exchange information between ships, and clock markers are replaced in the watch.

Much remains the same, but the new product of this year is really impressive.

The clock that arose as a reminder of the enthusiasm of sailing Corum Rene Bannvarte, now became the embodiment of the achievements of the clock brand he created in working with mechanisms and materials.

For the 45 mm Corps, Corum engineers connected layers of ultra-light carbon with resin and particles of 18-carat red gold.

As a result, each model of 48 copies of a limited series is unique.

After all, repeating the prevailing location of the golden “flakes” is simply impossible again.

Thanks to the use of carbon, despite the impressive size, the case remains surprisingly light: the material is 2.

5 times lighter than titanium and 4.

5 times lighter than stainless steel.

The geometric shape of the noble is repeated in the open dial of a copper rim surrounding the open dial, on which the indices are fixed.

To preserve the black and gold palette, the markers lost a bright color, but these are still the same signaling flags! The star of the dial is a minute soaring turbine in the 6 hours position.

But the rest of the indicators look no less expressive.

The indicator of the 72-hour stock of the mechanism is located on the “9 hours”, the three-minute counter is located in the “3 hours” position (it replaced the ordinary small second arrow), and the place on “12” was given an open gaze of the groovy spring.

The design of the rear cover is worth turning the housing.

The shape of the rotor of the automatic mechanism recalls the helm of a yacht or ship – in full accordance with the concept of the collection.

Corum of Corum Admiral 45 Automatic OpenWorked Flying Tourbillon Carbon & Gold complements the original rubber strap and synthetic textiles sewn together with real gold thread.

Other Corum Admiral models: Corum 082.


04/F373-FH53 805 400 p Corum 082.


95/F371-NO10 767 000 p Corum a395/04007 425 000 p

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