I wear a watch to buy their own, take it or Rolex DD36

May and June at the turn of the new year will be a lot of brands, brought to China to show, quite intensive activities.

Following the Salon d’Horlogerie in Geneva, Basel International Watch and Jewelery Show, I once again have the opportunity to play with these watches.

Before they gradually introduced part, but there are still a lot of Pearl, this addendum must take it! 1 After reading the Rolex (Rolex), I will try watch the photos published in the micro-channel circle of friends, is particularly enthusiastic response.

The problem is that most everyone: “Ann teacher, the watch stock it?” GMT, between the Gimhae, yacht Malibu, special disk’s Day-Date 36 mm, have a high degree of inquiry, but my answer is the same, no stock! Compared to other brands, Rolex explosion models really super more, buy this out of stock, did not buy the door, but in fact their home production of about 1 million per year, but also how out of it? It is reported that their home president expressed frustration at the open global staff meeting, even if the full factory horsepower, production capacity has been maximized, or so many styles is hard to find a table, they can not, because in order to ensure quality, it can no longer increase production a.

Aiai Ai! A brand could do that, really it is “enough.

” Other family brand as well as public relations staff table Dai Dai, or enjoy family sale, but their home employees do not have these benefits, I want to wear? To buy their own way.

We discuss why Rolex global shortage of these annual meetings, the main reason attributed to the Internet, the message spread so fast and comprehensive today, so buy this table have been very private, very personal behavior, upgrade to a small circle of world-class phenomenon , to put it bluntly, it is the rush.

But Rome was not built in a day, why is Rolex, strong, durable, accurate, and the general public can accept the price, it is integral to the success of factors contribute to today.

The new 2019 Rolex, Sea-Dweller introduced before the Sea-between gold watch and Day-Date Day-36 watch, this is the YACHT-MASTER watch on one end.

Enjoy YACHT-MASTER watch from different angles This year’s YACHT-MASTER watch the original 37 mm and 40 mm outer style, launched a 42 mm version.

Among the many brands of sports watch, the YACHT-MASTER considered aristocratic, only precious metals or intermetallic (stainless steel with a platinum or rose gold) version, and the brand of professional diving watch Submariner and the Sea comparison, water depth only 100 meters, is sail, the wind and waves good partner.

White gold case with black bezel, black dial and black rubber strap, feeling very low-key calm, like do not like publicity, like it or not show off their wealth, but the man loves the sun’s movement.

But a closer look details for calculating sailing race bidirectional rotating bezel time elapsed between the two buoys projections on which the digital matte matte ceramic and metal polishing very fine scale, is coated with a coating of luminous time scale precious metal case is made of the same material, with the strap Oysterflex patent also has a high-tech, high-performance black rubber is covered elastic nitinol sheet, not only comfortable to wear but also durable .






It is these pay attention to detail, so watch extraordinarily charming and reassuring.

Movement also has changed to take a new generation of 3235 self-winding movement, compared to the previous generation 3135 movement, in precise, shockproof, anti-magnetic in all aspects better, more power reserve up to 70 hours.

(Price 217,200 RMB) 2 Lange (A.

Lange & Söhne) in addition to the new watches to Shanghai, also on Haijia Pei Park Hotel hosted dinner and exhibition on the history of the brand.

Headquarters also sent a one watchmaker, led the media and VIP customer experience dismantling and assembly of watch movements course.

But Lange because their movement is too expensive, so the experience is a movement with ETA movements.

Before “An Time On Time” brand reported the highlight of this year, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the launch of the Lange 1 “25th Anniversary” watch, but this year there is another important brand to celebrate the year that the 10th anniversary of the launch Zeitwerk series.

Lange’s 2009 series digital Zeitwerk mechanical watches turned out, was caused great shock in the altar table.

Conventional mechanical hour and large digital minutes are arranged vertically, and the figure is generally not large, it can not be reached over the reading resolution.

In particular, it requires a lot of power digital switching, easily lead to component wear.

A closer look at Zeitwerk Date Watch Zeitwerk Patent jump word means to eliminate these disadvantages, and clock minute arranged from left to right, is displayed in the same size on the same axis.

Through constant force escapement ensures accurate stepping minutes, every 60 seconds, a progressive forward grid disc minutes, 60 points assigned to the whole, two windows synchronous digital disk 3 is switched every moment, evil nice.

When such a simple way to read, however, it is to achieve such a smooth operation of the digital instantaneous jump, which contains too many technical challenges and breakthroughs.

Zeitwerk watch the launch to great acclaim, numerous awards and gains sure, a lot of table fans nicknamed it “owl.

” After Zeitwerk watch launched a version equipped with various complicated functions, there are large ringing function.

This year to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the birth of Zeitwerk, Lange added a date function to watch the launch Zeitwerk Date watch.

Although only for the watch with an additional date display, but for non-destructive Zeitwerk owl balanced layout design, traditional date, Analog big date or calendar display the most Lange brand characteristics are not appropriate, and finally developed a blink date ring jumping program.

An annular ring around the dial to display the date, the date of the annular ring made of glass, with figures 1-31, the current date is indicated in red.

At midnight, a small section of the red ring below the date further, one month will move one full turn of the dial before the meeting.

Case 8 position with date corrector, in generating a switching power button is pressed and released.

Case 4 position can have a button to advance hour display alone, no longer need to adjust the minute by minute through the crown, so that time adjustment more convenient, but also to better cope with 24-hour time and date.

Zeitwerk Date watch built by platinum, 44.

2 mm in diameter, with elegant solid silver gray and red date dial.

Of course, like all Lange watch, like, do not forget to turn back, enjoy German polished modification process movement unique structure, as well as beautifully carved and the highest level through the sapphire crystal case back.

(Price 698,000 RMB) 3 June 11 in Beijing, Chanel (Chanel) held a launch party new J12 watch, watch brand ambassador William Chan and Liu Wen, makeup ambassador Lin Yun, as well as Xinzhi Lei, Nazha, Ouyang Nana, Hu one day Wang and other artists are mainland to celebrate the scene.

The new J12 watch, Price: 42,600 RMB The new J12 is very beautiful, very stylish, great range, has a lot of friends around me to try it, intend to buy the first time, and both men and women, after all, not a woman J12 exclusive, unisex size of 39 mm.

The new J12 fine-tuning in many details, compared to the old, feel more compact, more spiritual, fantastic, when you carefully control two watches, you can identify as different from each other like “Everybody finding fault”, but as long as do not control, you will watch and feel no different, but the new watch is indeed more pleasing to the eye, more engaging.

This is where design skill.

The new time scale diamond watches J12 models, price: 52,300 RMB Before I had a special article reported that the new J12, but it was still Again, the new J12 swapped take Kenissi movement factory production Caliber 12.

1 movement, minutes and seconds and date display, stop seconds and calendar with instantaneous jump function, vibration frequency per hour 28,800, two-way automatic winding, power reserve of 70 hours, the Swiss official Observatory certification.

In order to better comply with the Chanel brand DNA, 12.

1 automatic oscillating weight by a circular hollow handle and to install tungsten, can also maintain effective efficiency of the chain while achieving back through design.

In just the past few days, Chanel in Beijing Sanlitun Village South South Court created a “J12 watch limit experience space”, time to June 23, day 10: 00-22: 00 open.

Interested friends can go to feel close to J12 of charm.

4 Panerai build underwater world May 21 and 22, two days, Panerai (Panerai) in Shanghai, east bank Minsheng Art · build a dock underwater world, lead the visitors to dive into the jagged shark cruises around the wreck, submarines and underwater wonders of the reef.

I was also interviewed global brand CEO Jean-Marc Pontroué, listen to him talk about how these smart ideas are generated.

In April last year by the Luo Jiedu He (Roger Dubuis) fought Panerai, Jean-Marc Pontroué expiration date a year as CEO of the brand, we see that he moves frequently, continue to inject new vitality into the brand.

First, he will simplify its five major products for the three –Radiomir, Luminor and thin Luminor Due; in February Alvaro Maggini hired as creative director of the first history of the brand; launched a new series of Haute Horlogerie in Geneva earlier this year Salon submersible professional diving watch; the first time launched the “buy special edition watch to enjoy the special experience” activities, so that customers follow explorer Mike Horn expedition to the Arctic pack ice belt, and free diving champion Guillame Néry go diving in French Polynesia, and to the Italian navy divers commando military training.

Plus “Haideliangmoli adventure” This new image launch event held in Shanghai, described the brand’s DNA to carry forward the heritage of 160 years to be realized.

Purchase limited 33 of Submersible professional diving watch Marina Militare Carbotech 47 Haomi, you can experience the Italian navy commando divers received military training, price: 306,000 RMB, non-limited edition: 151,000 RMB He served as CEO of the brand asked what year the most important challenge? He said that in addition to let the brand has significant growth is to establish a distinctive brand image at various levels and with the creative director.

“I believe today came to the event in person can feel, I do not need you to explain what is deliberately whereabouts Panerai, at a glance, this is the Panerai – submarine, water world, new movies, advertising, 3D digital video , site layout and environment will allow you to have a new experience.

” Purchase limited 15 of Submersible Chrono professional diving Guillaume Néry Special Edition Chronograph 47 mm, and free-diving champion can go diving in French Polynesia, price: 295,000 RMB, non-limited edition: 143,000 RMB Looking around the exhibition site, this is a dangerous underwater world, while other brands have emphasized the graceful and calm sea, Panerai have to take us on an underwater adventure in search of prehistoric monsters and underwater treasures, this will not a trip is easy journey, but submersible professional diving watch but it will be our most reliable helper.

As CEO said: “In any case, the ocean will always be our natural habitat, and Panerai is the contemporary hero’s survival timing tool!” Purchase limited 19 of Submersible professional diving Mike Horn Special Edition 47 mm watch, can and explorer Mike Horn expedition to the North Pole ice floes with pricing: 306,000 RMB, non-limited edition: 151,000 RMB This article contains a lot of original images, some images from the brand or network, Users are not permitted theft, reprint please contact us for authorization.

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