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When the hair on one, I actually received a rich arts Adams sent a message – Oscar winner Marlon Brando • (Marlon Brando) piece of the famous Rolex GMT about to be auctioned.

But suffer have time, do not want to update the weekend, I had to put today.

When you see the news, I remembered his first time in the last year wrote an article about why stars like to wear their Rolex watches into the crew, at the time referred to the watch – no bezel GMT.

The watch has been considered to have disappeared (12 is considered one of the most famous disappearance watch), but did not expect to suddenly reappear.

In recent years, Fu Yi Andean watch on the auction can be described play water from the wind, the famous movie star Paul Newman and last emperor of Vietnam, Bao Dai Rolex has pocketed the eye, also was the former record-breaking auction.

So, Marlon Brando’s possession • And how about the story? In many cases, even determine the value of the story.

The watch will appear in the December 10, 2019 – entitled “GAME CHANGERS” watch auction held in New York.

Fu Yi Andean and Bacs & Russo is also more interesting definition of this auction – some of which collections will be considered when selecting a different field meter “changer” important people have.

• Speaking of Marlon Brando, everyone will remember that he played in “The Godfather” in the classic role.

The piece of Rolex GMT-Master Model 1675 is he wearing in the 1979 movie “Apocalypse Now” in the.

He played Colonel Walter • Coates (Colonel Walter E.

Kurtz) on wearing the watch in the movie.

More interesting is that this is not an outer ring GMT table, it can be considered the unique.

The watch is made of the 1972 Rolex GMT-Master Model 1675.

• Marlon Brando tells his daughter Petra, during the “Apocalypse” Shooting in the Philippines, the crew had asked him not to wear a watch, in order to avoid seizure figures have been the focus of the watch.

• But Marlon Brando replied: “If the audience sees this watch is not me acting, that I am not a good actor.

” Finally, the crew agreed to let him continue to shoot wearing a watch, but he deliberately GMT outer ring away.

But in the movie, we only see the surface of the watch, the auction is the first time exposure of the case back – can be seen from Marlon Brando • hand-carved “M.

Brando” signature.

In fact, this is the 1970s the watch after Marlon Brando • Collection, the first public appearance, and was sold.

In fact, this watch in 1995, he gave his daughter Petra Brando.

Petra Brando1994年毕业于布朗大学 1995 is “Apocalypse Now” 20 years after the shooting, Marlon Brando • gave the table is about to enter the University of Southern California to pursue legal Petra, he wrote a letter to daughter, he said: “While this Rolex GMT-Master is like a tank, I hope you can do anything you want to do, and I hope to continue this watch can remind you, I’m proud of you.

” When in 2003, Petra put the watch on the wedding night to give her husband Russel Fischer.

Russel Since then it has been treasured, never worn.

Marlon Brando photo in May 1998 and the daughter-in-law This year is the 40th anniversary of “Apocalypse Now” launch, the watch naturally by the Petra Brando and her husband Russel Fischer joint out, before this who do not know exactly where you are.

According to Fu Yi Andean say, this watch is perfect preserved, retained the Rolex factory chamfer 50 years ago, curves and sharp table edge.

Luminescent markers and hour hands uniform appearance, presenting a beige hue, and with the original dial, hands, watch case, crystal and the crown.

Part of the proceeds of this auction will table donations to charitable foundations and Petra Russel, the poor and disabled children for battered contributions.

Many people are concerned about the watch will eventually be sold at what price, but in fact does not seem important now, it is a historical record be reproduced, and the story behind it.

I just said, apparently will affect the wonderful story of the auction price of the watch, that is, how much buyers are willing to leave this read like.

It naturally will remember Paul Newman Daytona piece 6239PN, then sold for a high price of 100 million 18 million yuan (actually So let Marlon Brando’s daughter-in-law • realize the value of their piece of the table and should not be it has been lying in a drawer), refresh single table auction record.

Warm and rich arts in Sri Lanka in June that year of absolutely denied ( “He readily gave prospective son a Rolex, I did not expect now worth tens of millions, Paul Niu Mandi Daytona Mami appeared, it would be the most expensive Rolex? “).

Remember that readers have asked me the price is worthwhile, even if 118 million for the rich, it is not the only one number that simple, there are various factors behind its inclusion, so that he is willing to spend big bucks.

More interesting is that both Paul Luoniumandi Daytona, or • Marlon Brando GMT, we have seen a strong strength Laozhang Ren.

Paul Newman then shut the table gave prospective son, the result of two young and split (and the table did not keep), but fortunately this GMT is jointly owned by Petra Brando and her husband Russel Fischer, can be considered a satisfactory result.

Just want to remind the girls again, Dad watches should never just send! Gossip rabbit only original, welcome to forward!

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