I have seen the most “powerful” modified Rolex

[Watch home watch talk] I came into contact with the watch, and today is already the fourth year.

Around a lot of people know me in this line then, let me help answering questions too, have wondered editor of a watch is what kind of life.

Answering questions is generally “buy a good watch?”, “How much within budget, consider what form” or “in a more cost-effective to buy a table where” different and the like, and edit thinking, watch the story behind the brand is important , but also, not so important.

Home Forum watch from the blueprint of friends I remember when I was new to this line, but also a new white watch industry, to watch for the brand, I can not tell, do not understand.

After a few years, I think I have some experience, you can share with everyone.

Getting on the watch, you need to know something.

People look at the first piece of the entry table “Buy love” and “affordable” one to choose? This problem is not only asked the people around me, who is the new White House debated in the watch forum, one of the most discussed issues.

In fact, of course, is to buy a watch on their favorite up.

But people have to play a lot of table tangled point, if the car, bite the bullet and buy one you like, pay a down payment, restaging a few years.

Also said its reputation of “the car is a necessity,” is life practical product, but a different watch.

If your preferences and your income is not directly proportional, it’s like “moon in water.

” After all, the installment to buy a table, not many people.

Necessities of life is not a watch, especially the senior watch, it’s your personal preference, your income and assets relative to a certain level in order to support the hobby.

Rolex Daytona Pulling away, first on what to buy a watch, from my experience, when I had just graduated from entering this line, there are times at an event run into a boss Beijing SKP, when I was before the window and looked watches, he asked me: What is your favorite brand? I replied, Rolex it.

He said, you’re young, so you age, then a large number, probably thought would have been different.

Lange’s staff to explain watches Later, I saw more tables, go from the data, to the scene.

I also gradually have their first piece of the table, but of course, for the media people can not afford a recently graduated (home not mine) the terms, a Rolex is out of reach for me.

But now, when I have the ability to have a Rolex, and I think there are better worthy of me to have.

So I was really getting to understand who the boss said, the idea is that people will change.

Coming back to my first piece of the table, a dress form, really attend some formal occasions when I would wear, I usually do not wear a watch.

With my friend’s words, “When I saw too much of a good table, good enough pocket money to her eyes.

” Now, watch House forum will still watch Friends that “annual salary of 150,000 to 200,000, to buy a Rolex over it?” This or similar problems.

I was watching the comments we have seen for the heat on this issue.

Analyze specific issues – if the annual salary of 150,000 to 200,000, no deposits, liabilities (auto loans, mortgage), then you may still have to save money to buy some time; this is a prerequisite for the annual salary, but you have no deposit liabilities, no family burden, you want to start with is easy.

Early buy a table, there is the ability to “hard goods” Then the question from a table or friends, if it is the first time to buy a table, the ability to have the money enough to buy a piece of the market generally more accepted form, is a more intelligent choice.

Because your love may be of limited duration.

Now you like, over and soon you do not like so much when you want to sell, breakage can also be minimized.

I have a friend for the first time to buy the table to buy a piece of gold between Daytona and later changed hands, also netted some.

His idea is like to buy, but also want a change after taking into account other wear, whether good shot of the problem.

Forum Table Friends @ Super069 Omega Planet Ocean Orange quarter Of course, not enough budget to buy a pocket watch white, I would suggest that you, you usually see the extent necessary, such as financial practitioners daily commute might have dressed in trousers and a shirt, a dress form that really suits you; if you are a flight attendant, or often require engaged in raising his hand at the time can not dig the phone’s work, three-pin design of the watch you can easily get time information.

Back to the original question, “annual salary of 150,000 to 200,000, to buy a Rolex over it?”, In fact, table choose your favorite goal in your competence in, or, but divide.

(Watch House map / text Mo Yang)

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