New model HYT together with the Alinghi team

HYT with the Alinghi team

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New model HYT together with the Alinghi team
This time released H2 Alinghi
After last year’s premiere of H4 Alinghi Watch, the HYT brand, presented as part of cooperation with the Alinghi yacht team, the company released a new model – this time in the H2 collection. H2 Alinghi has a titanium body with a diameter of 48.8 mm and a height of 17.9 mm. For the time indication, the new black liquid is now answered, also first appeared in the H2 collection. Another update for H2 is a mechanism with a manual plant and an 8-day turn of the stroke became two-color. The new form gained a minute arrow. The Alinghi team logo appeared on the nearest clock, the release of which is limited to 25 copies.

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