Hublot Spirit of Big Bang Watch Models

hublot spirit of big bang

The Hublot spirit of Big Bang watch model is a new addition to the Hublot’s line of timepieces. It combines contemporary design with the brand’s fusion principle, which has been around for decades.

The timepiece features a variety of materials. Cases are made of titanium, red gold or ceramics with a range of strap options including rubber or leather.


The Tonneau-shape Hublot spirit of Big Bang watch model is the brand’s latest addition to its popular Big Bang line, bringing a tough luxe look to the iconic oversized sports timepiece. It’s a true tonneau design that carries the same elements of the original Big Bang from H-shaped screws on the bezel to lugs on either side.

For this particular model, Hublot has added a few special touches that make it stand out from the rest of its collection. One of those is a sapphire dial that allows the intricate skeleton movement to be seen.

In addition to its skeletonized dial, this model also comes in a variety of case materials such as titanium and ceramic. You can even find the watch in a King gold or Magic gold, which is Hublot’s proprietary alloy that makes it both robust and beautiful.

Finally, the watch can be made with diamonds on both the case and bezel. This model is called Pave and it costs around $50,000 USD.

Another interesting model from the Spirit of Big Bang line is the All Black series. This is a fun, stylish watch that combines black with different materials and components on the movement to create a fun, unique watch.

Stainless steel

The Hublot spirit of Big Bang is the only watch in the brand’s collection to boast a barrel-shaped case. This gives the timepiece a distinctive appearance and adds a bit of extra flair to the design.

This watch model comes in a wide variety of versions, varying from stainless steel to gold to titanium ceramic. All of them follow the same principle of Fusion, which is a long-term practice of Hublot’s designers to combine materials to create innovative and interesting watches.

Moreover, these models are trendy on the market as they stand out due to their unique cases and designs. They also are equipped with first-class mechanical movements, like the Unico caliber or the HUB4700.

For the Spirit of Big Bang watches, Hublot has used high quality materials that emphasize their special character. These include titanium, red gold or ceramics, while the bracelet is made of rubber or leather.

In addition to the materials, the Spirit of Big Bang is characterized by a unique tonneau-shaped case that is highly appreciated by connoisseurs. The skeletonized dial is another highlight of the series. This watch is a must-have for those who enjoy a luxury timepiece that’s both stylish and practical. Whether you choose a robust titanium version or the elegant gold variant, the Hublot spirit of Big Bang is sure to become a classic in your personal collection. Buying a new Hublot watch is always a rewarding investment.


Hublot is a brand that has a reputation for producing unique, high-quality watch models that stand out from the rest. The company produces timepieces with a variety of materials, including titanium, red gold and ceramic.

The Hublot spirit of Big Bang is one of the most popular watches in the collection. The watch features a barrel-shaped case and a skeletonized movement.

This timepiece is available in different versions, including all-black, King Gold and Titanium. It also comes in a pave edition that includes numerous diamonds on the dial.

It is powered by the HUB4700 skeleton automatic movement that has a 50-hour power reserve and sapphire dials. It is a great option for those who love the look of skeletonized movements but don’t want to break the bank.

Aside from this, the Hublot spirit of Big Bang also features a moon phase display and a tourbillon complication. This fusion of modern technology and classic horology is what makes this watch so special.

The Hublot spirit of Big Bang is a popular watch on the market for a variety of reasons. It is the only barrel-shaped watch from Hublot, it is stylish and trendy on the wrist, it is made of titanium, and it can be customized to your liking. It is also very affordable, with prices starting at $16,000 USD for the all-black version and up to $45,000 USD for the King Gold version.

King gold

The Hublot spirit of Big Bang watch model embodies the brand’s fusion concept, which allows it to offer a variety of design options and unique complications. It is the only barrel-shaped watch model on the market, and it comes in a wide range of case materials including titanium, King gold, ceramic, and Magic Gold.

The most common version of this Hublot watch is the 42-mm Moonphase with a moon phase display at 6 o’clock and a small date at 2 o’clock on a sapphire crystal dial. This timepiece also comes in a carbon fiber case with a rubber strap for an extra modern touch.

Another model that embodies the brand’s fusion idea is the Hublot Spirit of Big Bang Tourbillon. It is powered by the brand’s in-house HUB6020 caliber and combines modern horology with traditional tourbillon complication.

Despite this, it has a very futuristic look thanks to its skeletonized movement and off-center time display. This makes it a perfect option for people who don’t want to conform to the round case molds usually used in luxury watches.

The Hublot spirit of Big Bang collection is a popular choice for watch enthusiasts all around the world. The Swiss brand has a huge variety of different editions that can satisfy any taste and budget.

Magic gold

The Hublot spirit of Big Bang watch is the only barrel-shaped model from the Swiss manufacturer, which is quite a departure from the usual round case molds. It’s a unique design that is perfect for those who prefer to have something different on their wrist. It also offers a variety of materials including titanium, King Gold, and Magic gold.

Unlike many other watches, the spirit of Big Bang collection features a number of complications, and these are a great way to add some extra value to your timepiece. You’ll find models that feature a moon phase display, as well as ones that come with a date and small seconds dial.

These timepieces are also available in a range of different materials, such as titanium, ceramic, King Gold, and Magic Gold. All of these are patented alloys created by fusing various materials together to create the ultimate blend of performance, aesthetics, and durability.

Another great thing about these timepieces is that they’re available in a wide range of prices. You can buy a 42-mm version for around 16,000 USD, while a 45-mm version costs over 44,000 dollars. However, you should keep in mind that these prices are still relatively low compared to other luxury timepieces.


A blingy version of the famous hublot spirit of Big Bang watch, the Paved Hublot spirit of big bang is one of the company’s most exciting new models. This timepiece, the newest in the brand’s collection, has a barrel-shaped case that makes it a little different than its predecessors, but it still manages to retain many of the brand’s signature features.

A closer look at the paved case reveals a large, glittering diamond set against a backdrop of sparkling black crystal. The glitzy design also hints at the fact that this watch is powered by an in-house Unico caliber.

The watch is available in several versions, including a titanium model that costs $16,000 USD. Alternatively, you can opt for a Magic Gold or King Gold edition in the same price range. The diamond-studded pave version, on the other hand, demands around $45,000 USD.

In terms of functionality, the Paved Hublot spirit of Big Bang has a lot to offer: it’s the first of the company’s watches to feature a skeletonized movement. It also boasts a number of other features that are sure to appeal to the most discerning watch connoisseur.

The company has taken their innovative design concept to new heights with the Spirit of Big Bang, combining modern and traditional horology to create a dazzling array of timepieces. These include a couple of the company’s most coveted timepieces, like the 42-mm Spirit of Big Bang Moonphase with a dazzling oversized date and moon phase display.