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Who wants to know how expensive a watch is needed only to know the price.

Who wants to know, however, put what value behind it needs to know about watches something.

Much of the craftsmanship of the watchmaker is difficult for the layman to recognize.

Here we describe the components needed to produce a watch: the housing For most watches the housing is made of stainless steel.

Besides be cases other noble metals such as platinum and gold with different alloys, but also ceramics, titanium, carbon and bronze used.

The housings are assembled from individual parts, this includes both the case back, the main part with the lugs, at which later the watch strap is secured, bezel and the glass.

Depending on whether the housing is carried out round, square, vertically or horizontally rectangular tonneau shaped, polygonal or oval, the appearance of the watch is directed.

The water resistance What does it mean when it says: A watch is waterproof? The very first watch that was built with a splash-proof housing was the Rolex Oyster 1926.

Today defines the DIN 8310 exactly what water resistance is.

Because in everyday life, can in a waterproof watch quite penetrate water, especially when subjected to high pressure or more is in the water.

Why is specified exactly when expensive watches in the water-tightness, how long they can withstand water and at what pressure.

It is still not clear what wristwatch was the first truly waterproof watch, launched in 1953 Rolex Submariner and the legendary Blancpain Fifty Fathoms, the almost same time and since then denies the watch world about who produced the first waterproof watch in series.

The dial The face of a clock is in a sense her face.

But many people look only briefly at the time read.

It offers much more and is costly to make.

Up from a blank by the polish, the coating and sealing, by printing or painting a real work of art, it takes time.

Therefore, it should be much more attention should be paid.

The production of the pointer Without pointers also the most beautiful dial nothing uses.

Only with this the time can be read by the clock.

There are many shapes and configurations of the clock hand, some of them carry even such fanciful names as “Fleur de Lys” or “serpentine”.

The delicate indicators of time-consuming manufactured until they finally get their place in the watch.

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