Hit the table does not agree with terrible certainty is another way

Photographer on a continent Keen to ROLEX, in fact, it is a kind of paranoid.

Although well aware there are many other aspects of the timepiece is better than ROLEX, but still keen on it.

For the paranoid, of course, we can have a positive understanding.

Such as master bell ringing in our ears the words – “Life can only buy then had a Rolex watch on the election,” “buy tables made for everyday use, but also want to preserve some ability, I always recommend that people buy Rolex” .






Similarly, HODINKEE in the “new table fan easy to commit 12 errors” in the text, there are two expositions on “Rolex is not enough to respect”.

Since the beginning of table fans into the pit, we know only from top brands ROLEX– understand the “disdain” ROLEX– again after some time-consuming, bother after the toss or resale experience – “Hmm, maybe a Rolex ain ‘ t so bad “.

Indeed, from outside the famous brand power, Oyster structure durable, easy to repair strict quality movement, like hard currency hedging capacity point of view, if the life of a table, or the need to change hands, this paranoia well-founded .

However, “the only labor Only” (even humble Pong on P.


) as it is somewhat Xiudou.

As the table of love, although ROLEX like a plus, but it need not count on the other when not cut a care, even acrimony.

Wang Jinlong master in the “watch art,” a book, begins by ridicule good feng shui ROLEX factory, after nearly half in length about ROLEX, showing his deep study of its preference for me also.

But the wording to fry at the money, still express a strong sense of injustice and regret: sigh watch brands worked hard to make the price, “technology is no match for flat ROLEX”.

He also expected in the future one day watch what you pay for, table fans have insights for good goods.

Unfortunately, nearly two decades later, the situation perhaps as the original.

ROLEX is naturally a good table, look back to the past, its historical significance should not be overlooked.

It was on debut in 1927’s popular Oyster waterproof watch, just let people then begin to understand the reliability and practicality watches, pocket watches and gradually change their habits to use to promote the popular watch.

In addition, ROLEX red round bi-directional winding mechanism, across the bridge plate type balance wheel, four-arm balance beam anti-temperature alloys and other technologies, are worthy of recollection, praised the initiative.

ROLEX is not the old man lying on the fame spectrum, it is actually more like a charming child, too by table fans of “spoiled”, and this of course includes me.

I hope in the future have the opportunity to count, feeling the watchmakers who “look to God to do” spirit of watchmaking when the share of handling a wide range of classic, keep an open attitude, slow slow this obsession.

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