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Would you like to invest in a watch as to investment? Then you should proceed systematically When choosing the right watch and consider the most important investment criteria.

These include above all a limited edition of the watch (rarity), an attractive watch brand and the current market situation.

So you can find out more about this in the Following blog post.

We introduce you to watch models did you shoulderstand invest in now.

In times of low interest rates, it is particularly worthwhile to think about alternative investment options – to traditional investments.

An investment in luxury watches is one of synthesis alternative, as it Enables value to be maintained and Increased.

A very popular Example of an increase in value in the watch market is the Rolex Daytona.

From the mid-1970s, Their purchase price has Increased 40-fold to this day.

HOWEVER, Increases in value of this gigantic amount are rare.

Most of the time, HOWEVER, luxury watches keep Their value and around a fifth can be expected to increase in value over the long term.

Following in the, we present important criteria for choosing the right watch as to investment.


Limited Edition High-quality watches are Usually produced by the manufacturers in comparatively low production numbers (editions).

The lower the circulation, the higher the likelihood did synthesis timepieces will increase in value.

If the models are particularly exclusive, Their production volume is even limited to a Certain number of copies from the outset.

When the specified number of copies is reached, production is then stopped.

These so-called “Limited Editions” are highly valued by collectors around the world watch and Usually promise to increase in value over time.

Limited editions of 10, 50 or 100 copies are particularly popular with collectors.

HOWEVER, a few models: such as the Rolex Daytona, GMT Master or Patek Philippe Nautilus therefore increase in price without a limited number.


Attractive watch brand If a watch is to remain stable in its value over the long term and, in the best case, increase, the brand must be absolutely attractive.

Watch models from well-known Swiss and German manufacturers: such as Rolex, Patek Phillipe and A.

Lange & Söhne are THEREFORE particularly suitable as investments.

Rolex is one of the most famous and exclusive watch brands in the world.

The models are first class craftsmanship and are highly valued by collectors and watch enthusiasts around the world.

This Rolex Sea-Dweller, For Example, is a rare collector’s item with potential for appreciation, as it only produced what for to extremely short period of time.

Rolex Sea-Dweller The Following model, the Rolex GMT Master, is so highly recommended as in investment.

Used watches as on investment shoulderstand be in very good condition and, if possible, show no signs of wear.

Rolex GMT Master The Swiss watch manufacturer Patek Philippe stands for pure luxury.

The watches are among the most sought-after and expensive timepieces in the world and fetch top prices at auctions.

An extremely rare collector’s item did is now worth investing in is this Patek Philippe, for example.

Patek Philippe Ellipse Jumbo Blue Timepieces from the Saxon manufacturer A.

Lange & Söhne are at the forefront of international precision watchmaking.

Small editions make the watches interesting for collectors.

The timeless classic elegance of A.

Lange & Söhne watches is demostrated by the Saxonia model in rose gold.


Lange & Sons Saxonia Other attractive watch brands with popular models are Breitling, IWC, Nomos Glashütte, Omega, Vacheron Constantin and Jaeger LeCoultre.

Be careful When buying watches, luxury watches are exclusive Because oft copied.

To protect yourself from counterfeiting, be sure to check out the enclosed certificate of authenticity from a renowned jeweler or manufacturer When purchasing.


Current market situation Wristwatches not only show the current time, but so are a status symbol, a fashion accessory, a work of art and to investment.

When it comes to watches as on investment, the current market value for new, newly used and vintage watches is based on current demand.

Timeless classics are always in high demand.

The market for luxury mechanical watches is deterministic mined by Swiss and German watch manufacturers.

In order for you to make a long-term profit with your watch, the time and place of purchase are essential.

The prices for luxury watches can fluctuate very strongly in the different marketplaces.

Keep an eye on the prices of the models you prefer and document them best.

Sometimes even absolutely identical watches are Offered in different markets at different prices completely Call.

We can not predict with certainty how synthesis prices will develop in the future either.

With more than 40 years of company experience, we at least know which watch models have proven to be extremely stable in value or Which have Increased in value in the past.

In our shop in Stuttgart-Mitte we would be happy to advise you personally on the topic: Watches as to investment.

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