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Rolex GMT models in the sale of steel color ring, four colors and three combinations, red and blue, blue-black, black gold chain, the only use of the precious metal between Jin Shashi circles, has become the most not to be see a combination of ? Is this true? Look at the video: This is a modal window.

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In this program, you can see: 1, plug-ugly suspected SARS circle, in the end it delicious? 2, how come gold models, gold is more popular than the whole? 3, the same blue, blue-black circle and Pepsi are not the same? 4, no one told you, Rolex has secretly replaced the recipe? 5 three-color combination GMT, who is the most worth buying? 6, Rolex too expensive, then it’s own son incense it? Revisit the story: After SARS circle hand, the protagonists will cobble together.

Remember “This shows that the value of it,” the first phase “debut”, is to get hot, “Pepsi circle” to open the innings, and now look back at the first phase, will find this more than 100 days passed quickly, was a bit stiff expressions and shooting nervousness, they are written in the face of any old host.

In fact, the program has now pretty much, after all, every issue in the lessons learned to continuously optimize the details of thing.

We very much hope that with each lasting 6-7 minutes, showing everyone the best looking visual effects, the beauty of every watch a shoot out, the interesting piece speak out, then put money bought experiences and lessons, one to others.

Play table, in fact, it is a constant upgrade Daguai, of course continue to pay tuition.

While tuition, you can also share with everyone this process, we also spend time filming a week, late at night looking for information to write copy when most gratifying sense of place.

This phase of the program, the photographer tried a new background, because the three are GMT colored rings, steel section, or between gold models, so do the background with a mirror effect, to put their sharpest, moving side to show in front of everyone .

Take the train when we often limited by the scene and had to run around and shoot table does not exist such a problem, all backgrounds, all kinds of lighting can try to enjoy each issue does not want showing little the same visual effect, I hope you can feel our efforts this photographer.

Visual effects is very important, watch home to us in the “family table number” Introduction is written, “good-looking watch video program”, which is a professional watch portal greatest compliment to our program, I really like this words, and use it in our own program profile.

Because I think a love for the players in terms of the table, good-looking, it is the most important! Good-looking, most people buy is one of the determinants of the table to buy time, and most importantly, because the watch is a luxury consumer goods, but also impulsive consumer goods, how to make a man of impulse spending? This object must meet at least two conditions: good-looking, and texture.

So back to the topic, Rolex circle between Jin Shashi good-looking it? When it has just released the picture to see a reaction, hard to describe.

Full rose gold more expensive than it look better than it is, more than it has a sense of weight, but after that happens to get started, hesitated.

Tell the truth, I tried to go through the full version of rose gold several times, hesitant eventually abandoned.

It rose gold color because this is really not very good control.

At that time my mind, there is no gold models between what thing, not the saying goes: “do not touch popular models among gold, underachievement, also used residual worst” it.

But really when I put between Jin Shashi While this circle, but suddenly found the gap between imagination and reality in the minds of a lot of time, it could be so great! While this watch color appropriate benefits, especially for middle-aged men need to meet the needs of a variety of commuter dress, and feel the texture of pure steel models lack the time, among the advantages of Jin Shashi circle what is? After overhand right texture benefits, it is pure steel Pepsi and blue-black circle, which can not be given to you.

And, you do not need this, “texture” to pay the extra cost, this watch’s official price is not low, the secondary market is almost no room for speculation, even as tax and exchange rate reasons, also slightly higher than the official price of domestic market prices in the secondary market, although it is not hot money, but not as steel Di, Pepsi circle so difficult to buy, the patience to wait, it will appear in your list box.

So, this is shrewd Rolex: the most beautiful bright colors, gave the lowest yield, the lowest official price of Pepsi laps, and then create a superior market price; then between the color and texture of a better untold Jin Shashi, with greater production, to those who really do not want to wait for the harvest, traders who do not want to give money, but also middle-aged uncle who has the required texture, after all, the official price of tens of thousands on expensive than steel models, are all the extra profits that little 18K rose gold, only the value of several money? This is the watch brand of business management, is not it? Well, today’s the story here, if you like, “This shows that the value of it,” I hope you can go all the way with us.

We wanted to like this have been shot down, do something purely enjoy doing.

We do not want to miss each phase of the program? Please uppermost in the article, click concern “This shows that the value of it” family table number, each issue update, you can see! Next Wednesday, we are there or be square.

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