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Despite the fact that in the Geneva Exhibition Complex Palexpo this year on Watches & Wonders, many time brands are exhibited for the first time, Armin Strom Geneva events are not a newcomer.

Visitors to the SIHH High Close Salon, who recently changed the name on Watches & Wonders, was happy to look at the incredible Armin Strom Pure Resonance in 2018 and Armin Strom Masterpiece 1 Dual Time Resonance in 2019.

In 2020 and 2021, the brand fans were deprived of the opportunity to personally familiarize themselves with the innovations of Armin Strom on Watches & Wonders, as the exhibitions were canceled for civic reasons, but their expectations were not in vain.

Meet the novelty in the System 78 collection, ORBIT FIRST Edition.

System 78 – meaning with meaning.

Claude Graceler and Serge Michelle, who bought Armin Strom from its founder, Armin Stroma in 2006, when he decided to rest, by his age (the company was created in 1967), recognizing that high hourly art should be available not only Selected, capable of ease with a couple of hundreds of thousands of francs for a beloved copy, decided to sequentially allocate part of the production capacities of an updated manufactory for the release of more democratic models than, say, the Armin Strom Collections of Resonance and Masterpiece collections.

Why 78? Everything is simple here, this is the year of the birth of Graceler and Michel.

Orbit First Edition, too, frankly, not cheap watches, in Switzerland they will be asked for 29,500 CHFs for them, so let’s see what, except for the release limited to 25 copies of the release, is so special.

The Armin Strom decided to completely rethink the implementation of the function of the date of the date and Orbit, it seems that they will be the first hours in the world with innovative indication of the date “on demand”.

There is such a thing on public transport as a stop “on request” – this is when in the bus salon, for example, you need to click on a special button so that the driver stops, otherwise he will miss the stop as not mandatory and will go to the next.

With Orbit the meaning is similar: want to know what number today is – click on the button .



but let’s in order.

Armin Strom Orbit First Edition – a clock in the steel case, on an integrated steel bracelet.

Ceramic rim of black with white markings from 1 to 31 and red with the inscription Date in 12 hours give models a sports look.

As you probably guessed, the marking of the rim is needed just to indicate the current date.

The central retrograde arrow (with a red tip) of the ORBIT watch date has two operating modes: stationary and active.

When the date of the date is in a stationary mode, it remains in its fixed position, pointing to 12 hours and leaving the dial of the dial from the center with an open look.

Press the button on the left side of the case, the date of the date will set in motion and one “jump” will take the right position to indicate the date on the rim.

Leave the arrow in this mode, and at midnight it will move to the next mark.

Click the button again, and the arrow will return to its starting position, and the mechanical memory will return it to the correct date whenever the owner requires this.

In the company itself, this amusing complication is called the “column-wheel date”, and, as the name implies, it is the column wheel that sets the date of the date visible from the dial.

The column wheel is usually used in the mechanisms of the chronograph, it increases the stability, accuracy and accuracy of the indication, and the ORBIT button is pressed, Claude Graceler and Serge Michelle assure, give you pleasant and encouraging tactile sensations when turning on and off the function.

I am sure they know what they are talking about.

From the side of the dial, not only a unique mechanism with a column wheel for retrograde indication of the date on request, but also the innovative mechanism of the automatic plant with a micro-rot, a clumsy of a groovy spring and the original system of shutdown is off, opens up to the attentive gaze.

If the mechanic itself is not as sweet to you as an interesting appearance, evaluate the exquisite decoration of various elements and covered with the so -called black gold – bridges and dials.

Steel case, diameter 43.

4 mm, body height – 12.

6 mm, waterproof up to 50 m, sapphire glass with anti -reflective coating, steel bracelet with double fasteners.

Super-Luminova on the steel arrows covered with black gold dial is hand-handed.

The manufacturer’s warranty is 10 years.

Denis Peshkov, publisher, editor, lecturer and popular journalist with 20 years of experience in specialized media.

Another watch Armin Strom: Armin Strom RG19-GEF.




35 2,200,000 r Armin Strom ST19-GEF.




35 1 400 000 r Armin Strom ST20-Lab-Black 1 400 000 r

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