Grunge Snow Camouflage. Snow White collection G-Shock

With great pride, we announce the grand -update of the Alltime store on Trubnaya and invite us to visit us on the eve of the New Year holidays.

At the disposal of guests of a salon with an area of ​​218 m2, more than 2000 positions of jewelry and more than 1,500 models of clockwork from elite Swiss and fashion brands, which have become much more convenient due to their free placement.

Enhances the pleasant sensation of the abundance of space and light, as well as the use of the key-card, which saves time when demonstrating the goods.

Special mention deserves the possibility of choosing brightness and a sufficient number of lamps in the cash register, which allows you to conduct a more successful presentation of products and helps in making a decision before buying.

We are waiting for you at Moscow, Petrovsky Boulevard, 21.

We work from 10.

00 to 21.


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