Grand Prix of Geneva – the highest level of recognition

During the hours, as in any situation, a person tries to avoid the difficulties – the simpler, the better .


The simple dial with no frills – this is one of the eternal qualities to be met by a watch.

The key point here is the display of the very essence of existence hours.

It shows the time in hours and minutes, and nothing more.

In the best models of Dana category manufacturers even shy away from using second hands.






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jpg Good watch should look modest enough not to draw the eye away from your clothing, preferably with a leather strap, combined with a belt and shoes.

The presence of a thin body – still one of the virtues of classic watches: they must be sufficiently miniaturized, capable of easily escape under the shirt collar, while leaving little bare wrist.

If you already have in the arsenal of stainless steel watch, the precious metal watch on your wrist will give solidity and good mechanical watch perfectly underlined by the selected style.

cartier Tank Created in 1917 and put up for sale in 1922, Cartier Tank became legendary wristwatches since its publication, the clock, which became a model for endless imitation.

Legend has it that in the creation of design by Louis Cartier inspired photo tanks Renault FT-17 made in the air and printed in the newspaper, and first released model presented to General John J.

Pershing as a gift as a token of gratitude for participating in the end of the second world war.

Before the advent of Cartier Tank, most watches were more like a modified version of a pocket watch.

However, the Tank was the first concept that embodies comfort and style.

Its long they are popular, for the most part, owe their unique made in the Art Deco aesthetics.

This feature is common to all models manufactured after version 250.

As time passes, these watches have been increasingly adorn the wrists of many famous people, including actors, politicians and representatives of the royal throne.

In particular, the John F.

Kennedy wore Tank during his tenure as president, and Cary Grant, distinguished by their exacting to the choice of clothes, and could not remain indifferent to them.

Currently, this model is presented in five positions: Francaise, Americaine, Anglaise, Solo and Louis Cartie.

Ultra-thin model Louis Cartie ayavlyaetsya brightest demonstration of excellent watchmaking.

Originally released in 1922, it is now offered with quartz, automatic or manual winding mechanism.

Minimum price is $ 2000 for the quartz version.

Chopard L.


C XP After its launch in 2006 L.


C XP model from Chopard has won first place at the Geneva Grand Prix d’Horlogerie in the category of ultra-thin watches.

As owners of very fine body thickness of only 6.

8 mm, they, nevertheless, are equipped with an automatic mechanism Chopard L.


C, whose thickness is slightly greater than 3 mm.

Mechanism L.


C XP – is a fully integrated Caliber, showing an attractive combination of textures Cotes de Genève and the circular stamping.

All the best mechanism gained through the use of Chopard’s Twin Technology Technology is the use of two coupled tsilinrov mainspring, increasing the range of up to 65 hours, which is about 50% higher than the standard indicators, and especially noteworthy, given its ultra-slim design.

Black dial with a slight sheen and a perfectly matched shades of color, the proportions strictly seasoned in the use of Arabic characters in white gold, complemented Dauphine hands – all these characteristics create a very attractive and had a timeless image of the XP model.

Despite the body diameter of 39.

5 mm, XP – is a watch with fashionable size, reaching up with the times, which are suitable for formal occasions, and for less formal occasions.

Price $ 15 350.

Girard-Perregaux Vintage 1945 Girard-Perregaux – one of the most famous public Swiss watch manufactures.

History tells us some interesting models such as the first issued by the company in 1957 with a high-frequency clock mechanism.

That past is the basis for a vintage model Vintage 1945 produced in 1995 as a tribute to the original model in the Art Deco style and have now become one of the symbols of the brand.

Inspired by its original design, an improved version of the model borrowed from his predecessor’s many features, including the ears, decorated in Art Deco style, and ergonomically curved case, however, today this model is presented in a more modern wide body, showing a great combination of classic and modern.

hull profile also changed in 2009, giving it a spherical shape and quietly put some crown.

On the dial, flanked by two curved lines, elegant look great arrows in dauphine style, as well as a small dial with a second hand.

Sales model Vintage 1945 is presented in the body of 18K rose gold and stainless steel, and is an excellent example of a wristwatch, which are characteristic of the style and look of the time, helping to look into the past, without losing its modern characteristics.

Price in shops for a variant in rose gold about 20 000 $.

Grand Seiko For decades, premium watch from the Grand Seiko linear series were available only in Japan.

But in 2010, the company started to deliver certain models and on the external market.

Fitted under the most severe standards of skilled watchmakers Seiko, this series is proud of its rich history on the road to excellence.

For a long time, Seiko paid special attention to the accuracy of his watch, as historically the first watchmakers who created quartz, atomic and Spring Dive mechanisms and conduct internal testing by their own efforts, which according to the criteria of rigidity outdone SOSC chronometer certification system in Switzerland.

This model uses a mechanism Hi-Beat and the emphasis put on accuracy, rather than the elegance of the body.

Releasing his first Hi-Beat in 1968, Seiko have had enough time to make it perfect, what has been achieved few brands because of production difficulties.

SBGH022 model differs mechanism operating in 36,000 strokes per hour, and as a result, with incredible accuracy.

As the embodiment of the greatest Japanese skill and virtuosity of engineering, Grand Seiko watches demonstrate the highest level of detail and polish in conjunction with outstanding performance parameters and personality.

These watches are worn not to attract attention to himself, if, of course you’re not a passionate lover of hours, but rather for his own pleasure.

This model is presented in pink gold thickness of 13 mm and a diameter of 40.

2 mm and contains a mechanism, decorated with precious stones 37, and power reserve 55 hours.

The estimated cost for the option SBGH022 gold $ 22,000.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Control Inspired by the classic 50s and is named after a series of merciless tests, Master Control for the first time appeared in 1992.

Despite its nostalgic heritage, this model could serve as an example embodiment of the innovations in timekeeping hour.

Wanting to go beyond the conventional standards, Jaeger-LeCoultre has developed a six-week series of tests 1000 hours of control, the title of which speaks for itself.

Only after passing these tests the most severe, the clock received signature of the Comptroller General on the inner side of the body, as well as golden seal, indicating the individual number.

Design silver dial in a radiant guilloche on which figures are plotted in three of the four cardinal points of the existing, well-emphasize the hour and minute hands Dauphine.

Inside the 39-millimeter case is an automatic movement with a power reserve of 899 to 43 hours, which is equipped with the latest science and technology ceramic ball bearings and a gold rotor, viewed through the sapphire crystal on the caseback.

Master Control – this wrist watch, showing excellent value for money, which is also suitable for semi-formal and everyday activities.

option cost of stainless steel from 4000 $.

Breguet Classique 5967 Breguet – one of the most prestigious watch manufacturers on the market today, with a rich history, saturated with significant technical innovations, among which the most famous is the tourbillon.

Among the admirers of these hours there were many representatives of the nobility, who lived during the reign of King Louis XVI.

Classique 5967 is designed for customers who prefer to watch a few baroque style.

Watches are equipped with a manual winding mechanism with indication of hours and minutes.

These mechanical watches can boast many unique features that set Breguet among other manufacturers: on the edge of the classic frame body in the form of monetary fringe; Moreover, the ears are attached by hand; and, finally, himself dial with ornament of intersecting lines is complemented by the arrows in the traditional Breguet style of blued steel.

Classique considered slightly pretentious clock thanks to its intricately redecorated dial with engraved patterns that have become the hallmark of the brand, which has remained unchanged since the company was founded 230 years ago.

The decor in the form of a checkerboard, or in other words Art deco Damier, creating the effect of three-dimensional images, gives the dial a special relief and an extravagance that contrasts well with the simplicity of the overall design.

Breguet Classique with a 41-millimeter diameter casing in yellow and white gold – is infinitely more than just sophisticated decorated watches, a watch, expressing honed skill watchmaker to create things with genuine love for the classics rooted in the genes it.

Sales hours are affordable $ 18,000.


Lange & Söhne Saxonia Thin Thickness of only 5.

9 mm, Saxonia Thin is thin by the clock ever invented by A.

Lange & Söhne.

Unmatched in the field of watchmaking, A.

Lange & Söhne are considered the best producer of luxury watches which take their name Coming soon complexity of its mechanisms, so ultra slim mechanism – a slightly unusual idea for this prestigious German brand.

Caliber L093.

1 in Saxonia Thin, the thickness of only 2.

9 mm, has been designed specifically for this model, and in spite of its tiny size, impresses with its ability to provide 72 hours of work.

The design of the dial there is nothing superfluous, only the hour mark in the form of thin chevrons and small dots next to them, as well as lantsetopodobnye arrows.

As with any thing A.

Lange & Söhne, its unrivaled level of design, deserves attention.

These exquisite watches have become the quintessence of design and tradition in the field of measuring the time among people who prefer quiet style.

The watch is available in pink or white gold 18k and costs $ 23,000.

Patek Philippe Calatrava Ref.

5119 Small round elegantly made mechanical watch with an elegant mechanism Calatrava considered the flagship of the lineup – the one that was first introduced back in 1932.

It would seem that Calatrava is a symbol of the brand, because it uses the Cross of Calatrava on his watch.

But this is not the only reason.

Calatrava is considered a veteran in the company Patek Philippe.

That model 5119 and its 3919 ancestor recognized by many as one of the most advanced watches.

Calatrava 3919 the prototype of the model with its spectacular and instantly recognizable bezel, made by guilloche (in the form of intertwining lines ornament), was released in 1985 and was transformed into the current model Calatrava 5119 in 2006, while increasing the diameter of the bezel with the 33.

45 mm to 36 mm, which resulted in a trend of transition to larger sizes hours.

The dial is perfectly balanced: black Roman numerals on a white lacquered background, hour and minute hands in the shape of a leaf, small seconds at subtsiferblate, which is located at the 6-hour mark.

Caliber 215 inside the PS has a range of up to 44 hours and placed in an ultra-thin body thickness of only 7 mm and sides with a glossy surface, and polished to a mirror finish lugs.

Sales watches are available in white, pink and yellow gold; model in yellow gold with crocodile leather strap is sure to become the most famous version.

Wristwatches with character, timeless, will retain its value in the range of 20 000 $.

piaget Altiplano In 1874, in a tiny workshop of a small Swiss village called La Côte-Phi began to run high-precision mechanisms, subsequently, forming a brand with an ideology aimed at the creation of ultra-thin watches.

Ultra-thin mechanisms have become one of the hallmarks of companies, especially after-1957 g.

Caliber 9P – the thinnest in the world mechanism with manual winding thickness of 2 mm and the thinnest in the world of automated mechanism 12R caliber 2.

3 mm thick 1960 after successful presentation at Baselworld this record fine mechanisms, the Piaget went on to win the interests of movie stars and high society representatives abroad throughout the 60s, 70s and 80s.

In 2010, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of 12P, the company released the Altiplano model with caliber 1200r, who became the world’s thinnest automatic movement at the time of withdrawal.

They are quite massive, but sophisticated design makes them extremely modern look and versatility, thus creating the ideal watch to suit not only for daily activities, but also for special occasions.

These watches can be purchased in the case of white and pink gold of 18 carat and costs about $ 20,000.

Vacheron Constantin Historiques Ultra Fine Vacheron Constantin – one of the most prominent watch houses, specializing in the production of ultra-thin watches.

Back in 1911, the company released three Caliber, only 2.

82 mm thick, and in 1931 set a world record for mechanical pocket watch, a thickness of 0.

94 mm.

Paying tribute to its heritage, Vacheron Constantin manufactures two models of his watch: one in a round case in 1955, the other in 1968 – in the square, which, judging by their names, are a modern interpretation of its older models.

In the ’50s and’ 60s Vacheron Constantin produced the world’s thinnest watch, and after the appearance Historiques Ultra thin 1955 and 1968.

In 2010, they were proud to pay their respects to these models by presenting them at the SIHH show in auto and options manual winding.

Apart from the ever-increasing diameter which compared with the original version 4961 increased from 32 to 36 mm of modern, advanced model 1955 differs more and more slim.

Watches with built-in movement with manual winding, made in the spirit of Vacheron Constantin, is currently considered to be the world’s thinnest mechanical watch, the thickness of only 4.

10 mm.

Models 1955 and 1968 Ultra Fine is a neo-classical wristwatch with a hint of the rich history of the brand, rich innovations, impressive not only for its technical skill, but also scrupulous approach to the design of the mechanism and extremely high processing level of the clock deserve a badge of honor Hallmark of Geneva – award obtained only if the compliance 12 stylistic and technical criteria.

Retail price is $ 26,000.

Parmigiani Tonda 1950 Name Tonda chosen in honor of the founder of the company Parmigiani Michel Parmigiani, and its concept goes back to the fundamental code that is crucial for the Parmigiani brand lies in the fact that the aesthetic purity is characterized by all three key indicators of time: hours, minutes and seconds.

The second important concept is concerns casing thickness.

Parameters body thickness of only 7.

8 mm, Tonda now required to develop Parmigiani 13th integrated Caliber represented in the form of ultra thin mikrorotornogo mechanism 2.

6 mm.

The mechanism of the rotor from pure platinum is viewed through the sapphire back cover.

Addition to the watch strap is crocodile skin black or brown color goes well with this model, which comes in both pink and white gold 18 carat with a fully polished surface.

White granular dial in perfect harmony with the option of pink gold and textured gray dial – with white gold.

When its thickness of 39 mm, Tonda is an excellent example of expensive wristwatches with glowing arrows.

The price is about $ 20,000.

Source – ablogtowatch.


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