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The American company with the Israeli roots Yehuda Diamond Company introduced a high -tech novelty to the market – a device for detecting artificial or false diamonds.

The Sherlock Holmes 3.

0 detector will bring any diamond into clean water, whether it is laboratory or fake (for example, a very similar cubic quartz can be taken for jewel).

Moreover, it determines the method in which a synthetic stone was grown: using CVD or HPHT technology.

This is not the first device to assess the naturalness and quality of diamonds.

Yehuda introduced the first similar detector back in 2017.

However, then the percentage of false tests was quite high.

A couple of years later, an updated model 2.

0 was released on the market, which won the trust of international laboratories and influential jewelry companies, like Tiffany & Co.

And Graff.

However, the market of artificial diamonds is growing rapidly, technologies for their cultivation are being improved, which means that the device also needed a significant update.

The creators assure that today version 3.

0 will not miss a single synthetic diamond, no matter what way it is created.

Throwing scammers trying to give out any glass for the gem! January 26, 2021

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