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At SIHH fair in January 2015, the brand A.

Lange & Söhne Saxonia will introduce three models with new design features designed to further enhance their true elegance.

The most intriguing element is the change in Saxonia base model sizes up to 35-millimeter shell.

Models Lange: Saxonia, Saxonia Automatic and Saxonia Dual Time – suffered no small change.

All three models have a new design of the dial, but the changes are fairly minor.

More interesting are the changes in body size for the two models.

Not having a significant drag big clock, Lange known for their modest size buildings.

In fact, their iconic Lange 1 model was famous for the size of 38.

5 mm since its release 20 years ago.

Basic model Saxonia (manual winding) now has a body 35 mm, 2 mm smaller than the former.

Over the last 5 years of this size does not surprise its elegance.

Although this does reflect a trend to a smaller size diameter of the housing, which began a few years ago: a diameter of 35 mm is very small compared to most modern watches, ranging in size in the region of 39-40 mm.

Accordingly, the manufacturing caliber L941.

1 was also reduced to a couple of millimeters.

Size model Saxonia Automatic remained untouched, 38.

5 mm.

Model Saxonia Dual Time, nevertheless, found noticeable reduction in size: its diameter is 38.

5 mm (contrary to the previous 40 millimeters).

Now she is the same size with the Saxonia Automatic.

As for the dials, the new design is impressive.

Time markers of pure gold were moved outward toward the edge of the dial, and at positions 3, 6, 9, and 12 watches have the form of double zhezlopodobnyh elements.

Slightly advanced black minute scale is also more pronounced.

Around the outer edge of the dial allocated polished bezel that gives the watch greater depth (characteristic for many modern Lange hours).

In general, there is nothing too complicated here, but in the new models of Saxonia felt great individualism, and since this is the most accessible collection of Lange, its model should attract eager to join the ranks of collectors Lange.×613.jpg

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