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Wings -shaped earrings Yellow diamonds Oscar -winning earrings Cartier iconic jewelry Tiffany & Co diamonds Accent long earrings The star “Big Little Lie” celebrates the 45th anniversary! In honor of the anniversary of the beautiful Reese Witherspoon, they rummaged in the archives and remembered the most luxurious jewelry outputs of the famous “blonde in law”.

Wings -shaped earrings Reese is the embodiment of traditional femininity and elegance.

It can hardly be seen in an extreme mini or translucent grid.

Each of its appearance on the red carpet is an ohmage of the good old Hollywood classics, and the outputs at the Oscar Awards are no exception.

One of our favorite images happened at the 2016 ceremony – an effective purple dress Oscar de la Renta, supplemented by diamond jewelry.

Tiffany & Co pins were hard not to notice.

Such light and sophisticated are an excellent replacement for banal putsets.

The image of manages inlaid with diamonds complemented the image.

Swarovski 5562088 26,000 p Sokolov 94022194_S 4 190 p Special offer Saha05 27 850 p Yellow diamonds The most spectacular output of the famous blonde 100% can be called her bright juicy image at the 2017 Golden Globe Award.

Atelier Versace, the star complemented the Atelier Versace dress with the Tiffany & Co.

with a vintage white-yellow necklace.

late 80s.

Classes with luxurious yellow diamonds complete with precious rings, one of which was made with green enamel, made the image even more gorgeous! A win -win classics in a modern interpretation.

Aquamarine 4408606A-S-G-A 1 870 p Swarovski 5505468 22,000 p Dewi S0910237-DV 4 350 p Oscar -winning earrings Did you know that Reese Witherspoon is one of the nine assots in the world, which were immediately awarded all the highest bonuses in cinema for one role? So, in 2006, for her role in the film “Damn”, she received a “Oscar” in 2006 in a breathtaking vintage dress Christian Dior and antique serves with flowers and pink grocery stones.

By the way, this image of the star is included in the top 30 most luxurious outfits in the history of the famous film award.

Sokolov 792107_S 26 540 p Sokolov 792151_S 19 790 p Sokolov 792291_S 42 400 p Cartier iconic jewelry At the London premiere of the film “Visiting Alice” in 2017, Reese appeared in the most ordinary image: along the bright color, she preferred a classic black cocktail dress with an asymmetric sleeve.

The fatal image was complemented by the cult diamonds of Cartier: earrings in the form of a panther and a bracelet in the form of a famous nail, generously inlaid with diamonds.

The output turned out to be stylish and even daring.

Kabarovsky 12-001-8101 10 470 p Silver Wings 24SZ0188A-194 7 490 p Evora 635685-E 4 480 p Tiffany & Co diamonds The paired exits of Riz and her eldest daughter of Ava Elizabeth always attract the attention of the press, because the actress looks stunning and hard to believe that she has such an adult daughter.

Mom and daughter often appear on the premieres together and invariably cause the enthusiasm of the public.

Here, for example, one of these outputs is the British premiere of the film “The Groce of Time”, for which Reese chose a dress of cornflowers, supplementing it with flirty decorations by Tiffany & Co.

Graceful earrings with sapphires to the color of the actress’s eyes, luxurious diamond rings-road rings and a cocktail ring with balls gave a romantic image of a status shine.

Swarovski 5257479 9 950 p Sokolov 6022163_S 52 390 p Sokolov 94011756_S 810 p Accent long earrings In English, there is a phrase “Statement Earrings” – these are spectacular accent earrings that attract attention and create the mood of the image.

Incidentally, this concept introduced Riise Witherspoon into everyday life! The actress is a large fan of unusual shapes, original design and bright decor.

Especially when it comes to earrings.

She repeatedly emphasized that she considers this type of jewelry to be the main thing in any jewelry box.

A special chic is to wear lumbering earrings not only at parties, but just for every day.

By the way, such a “philistine approach” to evening jewelry is one of the main trends of the current season! Swarovski 5555724 11 030 p Sokolov 94023655_S 2 290 p Marcasitis He845-Birjuza-Mr 5 210 p March 22, 2021

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